Do you often “squeeze” your mobile phone battery until it’s completely exhausted and sometimes leave the charger connected until the last minute? It seems that the upcoming Android 14 is preparing a new notification about the current state of charge or discharge just for these situations. A current developer preview reveals that phones with this system will now warn iu the new level, which is two percent.

While Android 13 (in the pure version) normally warns about the battery status at twenty and ten percent battery charge, the new Android 14 should do so even more “on the edge”. As last attempt to get the user to plug in the charger, if he hasn’t thought of it yet and ignored the previous warning. If a power source is not at hand and a total discharge is inevitable, the new notification can serve as signal to send the last message or saving split work.

Notification of the battery status at different charge levels can be reset in some phones and various applications are also intended for this, however, it is certainly nice that this new feature is introduced directly by the system in its basic settings.

How often does your phone run out of power?

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