Sunday 19: only 7 days left before the first race of the 2023 season, the Portuguese Grand Prix, which will start on March 26 in Portimao. In progress in 2022, the young Belgian Barry Baltus will seek to confirm that he will be equipped with the latest model of the Kalex chassis, unlike last season.

Barry Baltus – Born May 3, 2004 in Namur (Belgium)

Grands Prix: 44 (14 in Moto3, 30 in Moto2)

Points: 32 (32 in Moto2)

2020: Not classified in Moto3 (CarXpert Prüstel GP – KTM). 14 courses, 0 point

2021 : 32ème en Moto2 (NTS RW Racing GP – NTS). 14 courses, 2 points

2022: 11th in Moto2 (RW Racing GP – Kalex). 16 courses, 30 points

2023 : Moto2 avec Cycling Oil RW Racing GP (Kalex)

Barry Baltus with RW Racing GP until 2024

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