etaleb said: Guys - newly moving to Mac M2 from a PC and have a connectivity question. I currently use 3 periperals all connnected to USB ports - external spinning HDD, Jabra 40 Evolve wired headset & speakers. Given there are only 2 USB ports on the Mac, should I get thunderbolt to USB adaptors or simply invest in a dock. I can get a USB dock or maybe a Thunderbolt HDD enclosure. Some make/models would be helpful

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What "Mac M2"?? Do you mean "Mac mini M2"??If so, there are 2 USB-A 3.1gen1 ports and two USB-C ports that support up to TB4 and can "fall back" to TB3 and USB 3.1gen2. Just plug your headset and speakers into the two USB-A ports and get a USB-C to whatever (USB-microB 3.0, ...) cable to replace the existing cable you've used with the HDD. A new cable is far better and stacking a USB-A to USB-C adapter on your existing cable, though that will work. That will still leave one TB4 port open for future use and you can always add a hub (preferably powered) later if/when more ports are needed.

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