“They were developed almost simultaneously and in some ways that was very freeing for us, because the number one thing you’ll see from fans is they want a straight adaptation. Well, the good news is they have it. It’s a very well-done adaptation of the first two games. And so for us, it was like, ‘OK, well, they’re doing that let us go and kind of forge our own path.’

So, it’s not a coincidence, it was kind of designed that way and the idea being that, you know, these two things can exist side by side, again, because everything Welcome to Raccoon City is exploring and subsequent movies explore are things that happen in our world. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna be sharing actors and things like that, that becomes more complicated. Obviously, their Wesker is not young Lance Reddick. But, you know, that was a choice that was made by Constantin and to kind of develop the most on page.”

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