CK Trading Institute of technology LLC is a trading platform company based in Delaware USA that trades Forex using crypto pairs. it is also an institute that teaches individuals about the how-tos in Forex-Crypto trading.

About CK Trading Institute of Technology

CK Trading was founded by George Ama in October 2021. It is a digital asset trading platform for beginners and also traders who are adept in the industry. One of their programs is the BEXPLUS, a trading exchange that allows users to maximize their trade 100 times.

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence or bots that will automatically and intelligently trade for the members and generate passive income for them.

In addition to this, CK Trading offers eight membership subscriptions. These are composed of trading bots, discord access, and even classes for new traders.

Some of the best subscriptions that CK offers are the Goliath Automated Trading Bot and CK Pod Classes.

The Goliath Automated Bot is designed for retirees who want to invest their savings in digital assets.

CK Pod classes is a course that will help improve trading skills. The class covers trading psychology, charting, technical analysis, trading strategy, money management, and portfolio investment strategy.

Weekly classes are held for a year and assignments are also given to students to enhance their learning and to ensure they're getting as much as possible from the course.

Since its launch, CK Trading Institute has already taught more than a thousand students.

One of its students is Tony, a police officer for 27 years. Tony can't speak highly enough about CK Trading and their team.

He started dabbling in trading markets in Sept 2021, with little success. CK Trading turned that around and allowed Tony to retire from the police force by giving him a way to make money during his retirement.

Tony trades about 4 hours a day and one of the things he noted was that CK (George) and the team teach him to use his time strategically, not be tempted to spend all day at the desk, but use his time there wisely to set trades up in the right way.

"The course and live trading sessions have allowed me to work from wherever, I recently spent 2 months in Australia where I was able to holiday and still make money trading a few hours a day. It was fantastic". Tony said.

Tony has also tried the automated trading bot.

"The automated trading bot was not that great when I first started, but it's since improved. It's nowhere near as good as trading yourself, but it allows you to make money while you're not online, and today it was green for 3/3 trades. It has a built-in stop loss at 7% so the downside is minimized," Tony said.

You can visit the CK Trading website at or contact them at

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