365 Property Buyers, a company based in Cabot, AR, is happy to announce that they can help homeowners sell their house fast in Arkansas. They want to point out that selling a house fast in Arkansas is a straightforward and uncomplicated process for the homeowner or any other property owner. A homeowner can simply call 365 Property Buyers on the phone and provide some basic information about the property to one of their real estate assistants. The assistant will provide some advice to the owner and discuss ideas on how to help with the home selling.

Joey Deskin, owner of 365 Property Buyers, says, “Perhaps listing with an agent and paying real estate agent fees is the preferable alternative for your property. For some, it is the best option. If we believe that listing with an agent would be a better option for you, we would gladly inform you of this during the initial phone conversation. We are a no-nonsense veteran-owned property buying company that buys houses in Arkansas for cash. If you need to sell your house fast for cash, we are home buyers in AR that are interested in purchasing your property.”

365 Property Buyers

Joey Deskin wants to emphasize that they will never make an offer right away for the property over the phone. While some home buyers will do that in order to bind the house in a contract and then use an “inspection report” to request for a substantial reduction in the selling price at the end of their inspection period, 365 Property Buyers will refuse to do that. Thus, when a homeowner calls them, they will only ask for the most basic information about the house to see if working the homeowner is a possibility. Once, the homeowner is satisfied with various options they have provided, their House Helpers will schedule an offer meeting with the homeowner. This can done within the same day, either in person or by phone. Before the scheduled meeting, 365 Property Buyers will conduct an extensive evaluation of the property to ensure that they can make the best possible offer.

They want to point out that they will always strive to come up with a reasonable offer for a particular home that the home seller will find to be satisfactory because that is how they stay in business. That is because no one could be expected to accept a very low-ball offer. Fortunately, they have optimized their operations to such extent that they are able to afford to make larger offers on properties compared to other as-is home buyers in Arkansas. They have a range of alternatives when it comes to making an offer and some of these may even allow them to offer more than full market value.

If the homeowner accepts the offer, Joey Deskin or one of their in-house buyers will contact the home seller. The contract will then be given to the title firm, who will then check for title and property liens. Next, a property inspection will be conducted with the homeowner, who may then verify the accuracy of the repair estimates, after which they will make an offer to buy the home. This will usually take one to four business days.

The next step will be for them to examine the inspection report, including the title and home lien searches. They can offer a solution for almost any kind of home title, lien, or property tax issue in order to buy the property fast. This step will usually take 10 to 20 days.

The final step will be the scheduling of the closing and the payment of cash for the home. A mobile notary public will visit the homeowner to arrange for a visit to the title company. A certified cashier’s check will then be issued by the title firm for the property once the owner has signed the closing documents. This step will usually take one to five days.

Founded in 2010, 365 Property Buyers is a veteran-owned house buying firm that is ready to offer cash for houses in the state of Arkansas. They can buy homes in any situation and condition, such as: property on probate, property with tax lien, inherited home, owner is relocating, health issues, title issues, owner is upgrading, expired listing, bankruptcy, job loss, foreclosure, problems with tenants, being behind on payments, code violations, job transfer, and more.

When looking to sell house fast Arkansas homeowners can check out the 365 Property Buyers website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about 365 Property Buyers, contact the company here:

365 Property Buyers
Joey Deskin
365 Property Buyers
21 Collins St
Cabot, AR 72023


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