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Oklahoma City, OK based 43Vision is reaching out to help its community get rid of, or reduce the need for, reading glasses. In a new article, How To Get Rid Of Reading Glasses, the clinic highlights certain options that can help a patient eliminate their need for prescription eyewear, and it explains what these options may entail.

43Vision is the first vision correction center of its kind that is dedicated to correcting the vision of patients over 40 years old. While people are generally encouraged to consider undergoing an appropriate vision correction procedure when they are young, 43Vision recognizes that this may leave older patients feeling abandoned, or as if they have missed a crucial opportunity. Fortunately, the clinic says vision correction is hardly impossible even at this age, and they offer a procedure that is highly suitable for a patient of this age group. This procedure is known as a Custom Lens Replacement, and it offers numerous benefits.

The article also discusses presbyopia and how almost every adult will need glasses or reading glasses at some point in their life. Readers should visit the staff at 43Vision if they are tired of dealing with readers and want clear vision for life.

“Wearing corrective lenses of any type,” the article says, “be it contact lenses or glasses, can become unpleasant over time. At first, wearing reading glasses may seem fun and even fashionable for a lot of people. But once the newness wears off, they become more of a burden and one more thing to keep up with, clean and replace. Many patients ask us if there is a way to correct their vision so they no longer need to wear reading glasses. At 43Vision, we are here to offer that hope to our patients. A life with clear reading vision can be possible without glasses or contacts. There are many treatment options available to correct vision, and the expert team at 43Vision would love to help you say goodbye to your glasses! Call our office today for additional information or to schedule an appointment and put reading vision problems in your past.”

Custom Lens Replacement is also known as Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), and it bears some similarities to cataract surgery. However, the clinic says candidates tend to undergo the procedure before cataracts form. As the name implies, a synthetic lens (manufactured to suit the patient’s needs) is used to replace the eye's natural lens. The artificial lens is quite flexible, allowing the patient to focus on both near and distant objects, and it also improves visual perception. As such, it is used to treat a variety of conditions, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

Patients will be pleased to learn that recovery is quite fast, with vision returning to normal in a matter of days following the procedure. The benefits do not stop there; 43Vision explains that the patient’s eyes will continue to adjust to the new lens over the coming weeks and months, and they will eventually feel their vision sharpen even more. Most notably, perhaps, the artificial lens is physically unable to develop a cataract, so patients will not have to repeat the procedure again.

The article continues, “Glasses-free after 43 is always our goal at 43Vision! With Custom Lens Replacement, the majority of our patients can anticipate being able to go about their typical daily activities without any glasses. The same can be expected for blended LASIK patients; however, as your natural lens continues to harden and your requirement for readers becomes more apparent, you should consider Custom Lens Replacement. Yes, you really can get rid of reading glasses!”

43Vision’s article offers more information on age-related visual degradation and other conditions that can be treated at the clinic. Custom Lens Replacement is far from the only procedure offered, and patients are given a thorough assessment during their early consultations to ensure they are good candidates for any procedure the clinic may recommend.

Anyone interested can contact 43Vision directly to schedule an appointment. 43Vision can be reached via phone, email or social media.


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