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Cleveland, OH based Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is offering their full range of payment processing services to deli owners and teams in similar establishments. Having taken numerous steps to simplify payments for customer and businesses alike, EMS believes that their service would be extremely useful to sandwich shop owners across the country. Notably, EMS' credit card processing systems can be implemented both quickly and painlessly anywhere in the US.

A sandwich shop or deli thrives on two primary aspects: a variety of delicious items for their customers to eat and convenience. On one hand, the business can curate a menu that customers come to associate with their brand, and the quality of the food they serve will be a crucial part of why a customer wants to come back later on. However, as any owner will know, regular customers and even those passing through also tend to treasure how convenient it can be to stop by their favorite vendor and quickly get the food they want. After all, such businesses run on the customers’ stomachs, and patience is not always in good supply. If a sandwich takes too long to reach the customer, they will be more likely to go elsewhere.


“Once a customer arrives at your shop or deli,” EMS observes, “that is your first and only shot at convincing them that they should come back again. They will, consciously or otherwise, judge how well your service meets their needs, and they will not give you a second chance unless they literally have no other choice. Therefore, it is crucial that you make an excellent first impression.”

While chefs can streamline their kitchen to craft orders as fast as possible, EMS points out that there is another point of vulnerability in this chain: the shop’s payment processing infrastructure. Many shops, given their tight budgets, may believe that they can only afford aging point of sale (POS) solutions that have been around for decades, and any delay this causes is a necessary trade-off in the business. Fortunately, this is far from the truth.

EMS has worked with countless small businesses over the past few decades, and their team has carefully documented what their clients have wanted from a payment processing service. Above all, the company says, their clients said that they wanted a simple, accessible and fast solution that requires little downtime and maximizes how many customers they can serve during a given period. This is exactly what EMS offers, among other notable advantages.

Considering the needs of delis and sandwich shops, for instance, the company recommends the MaxxPay Mini, which takes virtually all major credit cards in any form (including swipe, chip and contactless options). It is also designed for speed, so inputs are reduced to the absolute minimum, and it is responsive enough to keep pace with even the most competent of users.

EMS says the Mini employs an LED touchscreen that is easy for workers to pick up, and the entire contents of a shop’s inventory (and their associated prices as well as other data) can be loaded into its memory — which it will automatically keep track of as orders are made. This will give the team a quick way to check which parts of their inventory are running low. Furthermore, an employee or manager who has been granted access can log in and check EMS’ cloud-based back-office reporting from anywhere with an internet connection.

Electronic Merchant Systems is also aware that many shops will periodically run campaigns to increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty in their community. To this end, their payment solutions are geared to accommodate all manner of gift and loyalty programs, and EMS offers a number of additional services that can enrich a business’ offerings.

To learn more about the company’s in-house design team, loyalty program configurations or any other aspect of their sandwich shop payment processing solutions, interested parties may reach the EMS team by phone or email. Further resources are also available on the Electronic Merchant Systems website.


For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems, contact the company here:

Electronic Merchant Systems
(800) 726-2117
250 W Huron Rd #400
Cleveland, OH 44113


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