Announcing immediate availability of the Altwork Signature Station in Dallas, Texas. The Signature Station by Altwork is an ergonomic, motorized computer workstation for the serious professional and elite computer operator. The Altwork Signature Station comes preassembled and ready for same day pickup and immediate use. This extremely flexible next-generaton and futuristic working tool allows the user to conduct computer work or gaming fully reclined, in zero gravity, in a standing position or a more traditional sitting position. The Altwork Signature Station is a completely self contained computer working environment that includes a single or dual monitor mount, magnetic desktop surface for attaching a keyboard, mouse or trackpad utilizing small, stick on magnets and a storage platform at the rear for a computer, RAID hard drive array, DSP processors or other peripherals. The Signature Station has four lockable wheels and can be freely rolled and moved around the work environment with only a single AC outlet plug providing all the needed power for the motorized features, computer, monitors and accessories.

altwork signature station for sale dallas tx

The Altwork Signature Station is configured with a Nightsky Black frame and Europa Grey fabric giving a professional, yet futuristic look that blends well with any office environment. With its 110V electric connection it is easily plugged into both home offices and professional workplaces with ease.

Altwork Signature Station features automated positions from standing, sitting, zero-gravity, full recline and everything else in between along with neck supporting headrest lumbar and elbow supporting backrest, magnetic desk, full support leg rest and monitor mount position auto-synced with recline. Altwork's focus was to provide a full spectrum of ergonomic requirements to meet the unique needs of each individual. From intuitive keypad controls to the automated smooth glide of the position mechanism, every detail of the Altwork Signature Station is carefully considered and designed for stress and strain relief. The Altwork Signature Station requires less floor space than a standard desk/chair combo and is easily portable between rooms. The station reaches 18 square feet when fully-reclined. Adjust all positions to your liking to optimize relief, comfort, and productivity.

"There is no other workstation like the the Altwork Signature Station. Designed for the ultra-elite computer professional, it offers unparalleled adjustability and versatility. Not only is it an ergonomic masterpiece, but it is a stunning showpiece of ergo-technology. With the Signature Station it is possible to conduct computer work in zero gravity with more comfort and adjustability than than a dentist chair. It is very exciting to have this available for immediate pick up in Dallas, Texas as opposed to the normal waiting period of as long as two or more months," says Mike Devito, ergonomic office specialist.

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Altwork Signature Work Station Sale Dallas Texas
MIke Devito
Dallas, Texas


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