Franklin, TN based AWSkinCo.+ would like to invite the community to stop by for all their wellness and aesthetic requirements. The med spa specializes in catering to a client’s every need, personalizing each service to ensure it meets their individual goals and personal potential.

“At AWSkinCo.+, your well being and health are our highest priority,” states AWSkinCo.+. “We do everything in our power to ensure you enter a sublime experience every time you step through our doors, and our clients will attest to the fact that you will leave here feeling rejuvenated and refreshed — ready to take on the world with your best self. AWSkinCo.+ is all about you and your progress. Come talk to us and find out what is waiting to be unlocked beneath your skin.“

Natural Look Med Spa

One of the most straightforward services the med spa offers is laser hair removal. According to the clinic, a person who undergoes this procedure may expect to experience a complete absence of hair in the target regions for several months. Some clients have even experienced effects that have lasted years, though AWSkinCo.+ adds that this depends on a variety of factors, including the color of the hair in question. It is recommended that clients share their goals with the team during their initial consultations so they can discuss the potential results together.

During a laser hair removal session, a laser is used to target the hair follicles in the skin. This causes the hair follicle to either stop producing hair or grow them much less effectively. As a result, when they do grow back, they will be much finer (which may be preferred to some extent). Many of the med spa’s clients, however, come back at some point to touch up.

On the other hand, a client may wish to focus more on their facial features. Fortunately, AWSkinCo.+ has invested heavily in this area, and they are proud to offer a variety of services that are designed to bring out a client’s best aspects. These services include Botox, dermal fillers, ‘vampire facials’ and more.

Vampire facials in particular are growing in popularity at the med spa. Also known as a PRP facial treatment, AWSkinCo.+ says clients undergo a unique variation of microneedling that utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This is a natural component found in human blood — hence the name — and many report startling transformations when it is absorbed into the skin.

Some quick research into vampire facials will reveal another reason for the name: the treatment’s initial stages lead to the skin taking on a distinct appearance that some may find alarming. However, there is nothing to worry about. AWSkinCo.+ explains that the treatment serves to boost collagen production in the face, and once recovery is complete, the skin takes on a much smoother, tighter appearance. In fact, vampire facials have been known to improve a range of skin conditions, from hyperpigmentation to acne scars and more. This is broadly why many consider it the best treatment for face.

Those who are not yet ready to try this novel skin treatment are welcome to take a look at the med spas other offerings. AWSkinCo.+ strives to work with clients at their personal level of comfort at all times, and this is reflected in the feedback the team has received.

Lauren B. shares, “Yet another amazing visit with Cora! Can't say enough wonderful things about her and her conservative approach to fillers/Botox. I walked away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and naturally enhanced. Can't wait to return to AW for a facial!”

Other reviews touch on the typical experience a client may enjoy here. Hannah C. says, “The new Cool Springs location is absolutely gorgeous! The staff is always so friendly and welcoming when I come in. Heather has done several Botox treatments as well as micro-needling on me and she is amazing! She is very knowledgeable, keeps things natural as well as listens to my wants and suggestions, and I always leave feeling beautiful. Highly recommend Heather and this location!”

AWSkinCo.+ warmly invites Franklin residents to get in touch or schedule a consultation to learn more. The med spa can be contacted via phone or email, and social media users may stay up to date with the latest offers and specials by following the team online.


For more information about AWSkinCo.+ Franklin , contact the company here:

AWSkinCo.+ Franklin
Amy Hatcher
(615) 721-5816
AWSkinCo.+ Franklin
4031 Aspen Grove Dr Suite 144
Franklin, TN, 37067


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