Florence, Kentucky -

The organizers are excited to announce the annual Back Home Patriots' Celebration on October 7, 2022, at 6:30 pm, at Memorial Hall, Cincinnati, OH. Tickets are available at the door. Prices are listed here.

This announcement is an invitation to join the memorable evening that begins with a VIP dinner and silent auction followed by a one-of-a-kind music event.


The emcee for the show will be two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins and his wife, Peppermint Patti. They will welcome to stage Mr. Ouiwey Collins and the Funk Squad, to perform their original music. The headliner for the evening will be the Naked Karate Girls (NKG) one of the hottest bands to hit the scene in the music business.

Tickets are available at the door. Prices are listed here.

Back Home Patriots are still collecting donations to fund the special projects here.

SEMG Events will be on-site with one-of-a-kind items from within the sports and entertainment Industry. Mr. Irving Wielitz will be on hand with top-end professional sports memorabilia, signed and certified by some of the most prominent athletes and actors from the sports and entertainment world. SEMG has been at events like the Clay Walker Foundation in Pebble Beach and Band Against MS Gala in Houston. Additionally, SEMG has been conducting auctions for Mr. Toby Keith, a country music legend, and many, many non-profit groups across the country. Don't miss an opportunity to bid on these collector's items.

This star-studded event is an unbelievable fundraiser that will allow attendees to render aid to Veterans by providing much-needed repairs and renovations to their homes. They and their families sacrificed much so that American citizens could be free to live in this great country.

Founder Don Reilly shares, "BACK HOME PATRIOTS is about giving Veterans a hand up, not a handout. Special thanks to donors, sponsors, and attendees for their continued support, as their love and donations are most appreciated.”

About BACK HOME PATRIOTS Mission Statement –To help veterans with home improvement projects beyond their reach, whether due to financial, emotional, psychological, or physical challenges. To create awareness, educate the public about veterans' challenges, and encourage support for veterans.

Americans hold the idea of "back home" in their hearts, which is where home improvement projects take place. All of the supporters have known someone who has served the United States, whether a husband, wife, sister, brother, grandparent, relative, friend or neighbor. BACK HOME PATRIOTS will make their home environments safe and comfortable.

BACK HOME PATRIOTS sets itself apart by bridging the divide in America through heartfelt stories of Veterans who have served and protected, and have come back home. Unfortunately, they have the same home maintenance and improvement projects that every homeowner has, but often without the resources or ability to take them on themselves.

The research revealed that the public wasn't fully aware of the challenges veterans face on returning home. They don’t understand PTSD, even if they have heard the term, and typically think only Veterans with visible physical injuries need assistance. The series will feature veterans with varying backgrounds and needs.

As a special bonus, the nonprofit, The Keep Smiling Movement's Executive Director, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, will be on location taking Keep Smiling shots of attendees and the performers. These images will honor them for their dedication which will be included in a special Keep Smiling book of valor.

Media and Celebrity Event Photography Sponsor: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, TheREDCarpetConnection.com


For more information about BACK HOME PATRIOTS, contact the company here:

Don Reilly
7426 U.S. 42, Suite 205
Florence, KY 41042


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