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Backyard Bug Patrol, a reputable Great Falls, VA-based pest control company, wants people in the Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas that they serve that rodent infestation season will soon be upon them. Having one or more rodents present in a home can create a situation that can cause damage to a home’s structure, emit extremely foul odors, and even spread disease.

John Mitchell, one of the owners of this family-run business says, “As fall approaches, mice and other rodents will begin to line their nests for the winter. And they might start to invade your home in search of food. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases, contaminate food, and cause extensive property damage. That’s why it’s important to keep them out of your home with some simple pest control measures.”

Mitchell went on to say that one way to prevent mice and other rodents from entering a home is to seal up any cracks or holes on the outside of the house. When doing this it’s important to be aware that mice can squeeze through extremely small spaces, so it’s important to make sure there are even no very small openings that these pests can exploit. He also advised making sure to keep food stored in airtight containers. That’s because mice have a keen sense of smell and are highly attracted to the smell of food. If they can smell it, they’ll be more likely to try to get to it. Other advice the business owner gave would be to try and deter mice and other rodents with ultrasonic sound devices. These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are supposed to be unpleasant for rodents, and they may help to keep them away from a home. Other tips to help keep rodents away from a home can be seen on the company website or their Facebook Page at

Lastly, he mentioned that once mice establish residency in a home the best way to get rid of them is to call a professional rodent control service such as them. That’s because pest control professionals will be able to identify the problem and come up with a plan to get rid of the pests. He stated that mice and other rodents can be very difficult for a homeowner to get rid of before they start to cause concerning problems, so it’s a situation that is always best left to the experts. He went on to say that Many homeowners are worried about using traditional traps and poison, which can be dangerous for pets and children. He says, “Safety is guaranteed for pets or children when using our rodent control boxes and bait stations because they are made from strong plastic and are locked so that kids and pets can’t get access to them. The inside can only be accessed by trained pest control technicians.” That way Backyard Bug Patrol can provide rodent control services that are effective and even more importantly, safe for the whole family. Their perimeter rodent control involves placing outdoor bait station boxes around the foundation of a home to keep mice and rats from entering. These bait stations contain a block of ‘irresistible and delicious’ rodent food. Mice and rats will feed on this food and carry some back to their nests which helps to further reduce a home’s rodent population.

Those that have used Backyard Bug Patrol’s Rodent and other pest control services express great satisfaction in reviews that have been left on their Google Maps Business Listing and at Christian Muller proclaimed, “My family has been using backyard Bug Patrol for over 5 years now. We are completely satisfied and have never considered anyone else. Timely, courteous, and most of all, effective service. We could not be happier and always recommend them to our local family and friends.” Shelia Pott stated, “They are wonderful to do business with. Everyone is so nice, and they have done a great job getting rid of our problem. Would highly recommend them!” Diane Kenney wrote, “Always on time, professional, and do a wonderful job. A fantastic group of people.”

More information on the rodent and other pest control services that Backyard Bug Control Offers can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by referring to the company website.


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