Georgia medical spa Revitalize You MD is inviting Roswell residents seeking a luxury anti-aging experience to try out its range of neurotoxin treatments, including Botox.

Neurotoxins work by blocking signals that the body’s nerves pass on to nearby muscles. Though neurotoxins are fundamentally damaging to nerve tissues, controlled administration of the right kinds of neurotoxins can have a desirable effect on certain parts of the body. For example, neurotoxins can temporarily relax facial muscles to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This leads to a youthful and rejuvenated look that has been long sought by aging professionals in the media and entertainment industry.

Botox Treatments in Roswell - Revitalize You MD

Botox is one of the most popular neurotoxin products of its kind available to patients right now. It was the first commercially available neurotoxin to use the botulinum toxin, which is also where the treatment derived its name from. Initially, Botox injections were used to treat conditions such as chronic migraines, overactive bladders, cervical dystonia, spasticity, severe underarm sweating, and more. On April 15, 2002, the FDA approved Botox as a temporary cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe frown lines in adults.

Today, it is one of the most widely known and recognizable prescription medicines on the market for those who want help reversing visible signs of aging. Revitalize You MD reports that the most popular uses for Botox at the center include reduction and correction of conditions such as horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, gummy smiles, marionette lines, chin lines, and square or wide jawlines.

Though Botox has a long history of cosmetic use, the skills needed to properly wield the power of the neurotoxin are very rarely found among qualified professionals. Since Botox is an aesthetic treatment, properly administering it is often a question of judgment and restraint as opposed to raw clinical precision. There are a lot of stories in the media of Botox procedures gone wrong leading to characteristically unnatural-looking facial features.

When asked about how Revitalize You MD ensures that the results of its Botox treatments in Roswell are in line with its customers’ expectations, a spokesperson for the medical spa says, “There are many doctors out there who will administer the Botox injection with little regard to how the patient’s skin and facial muscles will react to it. The result is not visually appealing and it compels many to shy away from looking into the procedure. Revitalize You MD patients have nothing to fear on that front though as they will be in the safe, steady, and experienced hands of Lucy Bourova-Brazier, FNP. She is a passionate aesthetician with an eye for the innate beauty in everyone. She uses her years of experience to give her clients the gift of looking at and admiring their past selves, to recapture what they think they had lost. Our clients, who come to us from all over Georgia, greatly appreciate Lucy’s Botox skills. The reviews on our Google Business Profile are filled with clients praising her expert ability at using the neurotoxin effectively. If you are looking to get the Botox procedure in Georgia, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone better at this than Lucy.”

A 5-star review on Revitalize You MD’s Google Business Profile thanked Lucy for her services by saying, “Dr. Lucy gave me Botox over the past 6 months. Let me tell y’all!! I look amazing. She listened to every preference I had, and every concern was eased with a smile. All my work will be done here as it's hard to find a trustworthy clinic in the area. They are so understanding here, and I felt 100% comfortable. Def repeat.”

Residents from Sandy Plains, Powers Park, Woodstock, Willow Creek, Holly Springs, Avery, Hickory Flat, Milton, Cumming, Big Creek, Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Marietta, East Cobb, Westfield, and Alpharetta can contact Revitalize You MD at (678) 304-1850 from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to book appointments. The center also responds to the inquiries it receives at


For more information about Revitalize You MD, contact the company here:

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