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Whitesville, KY – Broadlinc, an Owen County-based provider of high-speed internet and the newest provider in Whitesville and Fordsville, is thrilled to announce the launch of free WiFi service at Whitesville Park. This high-speed internet connection is available to all park visitors, providing everyone a seamless and enhanced digital experience.

Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge cable and wireless networking technology, Broadlinc has connected several park buildings to create a robust and expansive WiFi network. Each building acts as a WiFi access point, broadcasting internet coverage across a wide area while simultaneously interconnecting with other buildings to establish a seamless mesh network topology.

The introduction of free WiFi at Whitesville Park is set to significantly improve the visitor experience. With high-speed internet readily available, visitors can engage in livestreaming, recording and uploading photos to social media platforms, and making high-quality video calls using popular services such as Facetime and various social media platforms.

Mayor Patsy Mayfield expressed excitement about the free WiFi service in the park, emphasizing its significance for the community. "This is a wonderful initiative that Broadlinc has brought to Whitesville Park," said Mayor Mayfield. "It demonstrates their commitment to the community and will undoubtedly enhance the park experience for visitors. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this valuable resource."

Broadlinc's state-of-the-art cable modems, combined with wireless mesh access points, ensure an internet speed of up to 200 Mbps. Additionally, to prioritize user privacy and security, all wireless clients are completely isolated from one another. When connecting to the free WiFi, users establish an encrypted connection between their devices and the internet, ensuring their data remains confidential and inaccessible to others sharing the network. Broadlinc continuously monitors network security to safeguard against any malicious activities that could potentially disrupt the network's capacity.

"Our mission at Broadlinc is to advance the digital well-being of our local community," said VP of Operations TJ Scott. "By providing free WiFi coverage at Whitesville Park, we are taking significant strides towards achieving this goal. We anticipate that the introduction of WiFi will enhance park events and foster greater connectivity among park visitors."

Broadlinc prides itself on putting the community first, and its commitment to improving digital access and communication is unwavering. This project at Whitesville Park is just one of many initiatives by Broadlinc to foster digital empowerment within the communities they serve.

"We want the people of Whitesville to think of Broadlinc as their home team, always working to improve digital access and communication within our service areas," said Regional Operations Manager Eric Spears. "We have exciting projects in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for future improvements!"

Broadlinc invites everyone in the community to visit Whitesville Park and take advantage of the new free WiFi service. By providing this valuable amenity, Broadlinc hopes to enrich the park experience for all visitors.

For more information about Broadlinc and their services: Call Broadlinc at 855-552-2253, or visit Broadlinc.com. Those interested can follow Broadlinc on social media for news, product and service updates as well as behind the scenes activity at the company @getbroadlinc - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Ask a friend, neighbor, or a colleague.

Broadlinc Internet Service Provider offers internet, phone, and cable to rural Kentucky areas. Through bundled service packages, they provide a full service experience that connects small communities.


For more information about Broadlinc, contact the company here:

Brittany Bowlin
150 Progress Way, Owenton, KY 40359


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