Builder Lead Converter, a company offering consultation and assistance services to the home building and remodeling industry, is urging businesses to learn about the revenue and profit generation system it offers its clients to boost the number of sales they make and kick off long-term sustainable growth. Readers who want to know more about the company’s expertise and how it can help them achieve their targets can view a vlog that discusses tips and tricks for growing sales revenue by expediting the sales process that the company recently posted on its WordPress site.

According to Builder Lead Converter, the sales process employed at traditional home builders, remodelers, and other companies offering general contracting services is bogged down by the inefficiencies that come with managing the sheer volume of leads that they have to collect, respond to, and manage daily. Much more recently, the economy has seen a resurgence since the effects of the pandemic have been brought under control, leading to an increase in demand for contractors who are being called to work on stalled home improvement projects all over the country.

Wading through all the leads that a small to mid-sized contracting company receives daily, categorizing them based on their potential to convert, and picking out the golden ones amongst them while weeding out the bad ones, is a full-time job that requires a considerable time investment from staff that could be used for other tasks that are directly responsible for bringing in new customers and boosting sales. This can get overwhelming pretty soon for a company that has to not only manage an in-demand sales department but also split its resources over managing the other departments that deliver on the promises that the sales team makes.

The solution, as Builder Lead Converter envisions it, is two-fold. First, it will set up a consultation call with the client to discuss strategies on how they can tackle the problems they are currently facing. Second, the company will then ask the client to choose from the range of services that it offers that can help them overcome the challenges that were identified and outlined in the initial consultation. These services from Builder Lead Converter include digital lead generation, automated follow-up, appointment booking, cold lead reactivation, pipeline management & sales support, online reputation management, event management, referral generator, sales & marketing coaching and training, and “done-for-you” sales copy. Readers can check out a resource that the company published offering tips on how to resell to past clients and make more money through referrals by heading over to a shared notebook on Evernote.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the importance of sifting through leads fast and how it can help clients achieve a high velocity of business growth by saying, “Closing home sales are all about speed. The more quickly you can close a deal, the more money you make. However, many builders are overwhelmed with the number of leads they receive making it extremely time-consuming to wade through all of them and weed out the bad ones. It is easy to get pulled in multiple directions and to fail to prioritize the tasks that are the bread and butter of your business’s growth. If you want to grow your sales revenue, you need to speed up your sales process. We help you identify and supercharge these key areas of your marketing to drive sales and help you grow manifold. So if you are a home builder or remodeler, give Builder Lead Converter a call. We will help you grow sales revenue and margins while navigating the current supply chain and labor market issues.”

The company can be contacted at the phone number (612) 451-0299 or business owners can get started by scheduling a free strategy call by heading over to its website. Readers can also check out multiple vlogs posted by Builder Lead Converter on a variety of topics relevant to the home building and remodeling industry by heading over to its Tumblr.


For more information about Builder Lead Converter, contact the company here:

Builder Lead Converter
Rick Storlie
(612) 451-0299
19155 Margaret lane, Prior Lake, MN 55361, United States


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