Rena Huber Consulting LLC, a business consulting firm, is happy to announce that Rena Huber, a business consultant in Phoenix, will provide a one day or half day intensive session for new clients depending on their needs. At this particular session, Rena, who calls herself a business and life strategist, will take a look into the participants’ business goals with the end result of an action for each participant to execute. Each businessperson will have a one on one consultation with her and those who can take part in the event will be the business owner or business leader / executive who is keen on having personalized strategic vision with an action plan. This intensive session will have some pre-work sessions and one follow up session. Clients will be charged an hourly or half/full day rate based on the plan that best meets their needs. That is considered to be affordable for most businesses.

Rena Huber says, “As an executive coach, business consultant, mentor, trainer, community collaborator and connector, I help my clients achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers and business. I have personally worked with more than 300 CEOs in the Phoenix area to reach and exceed their goals and dreams. Many of these individuals and company leaders have reached amazing results and become leaders in their companies, lives and communities The organizations and programs I have led and/or supported have impacted hundreds more.”

For executive coaching, she will conduct one on one meetings with clients and using her expertise, experience, and unique insights, she will help the client discover the path towards personal and professional success. In the targeted meetings with the client, she will determine the goals, the actions to be taken and keep the focus on the goals with new ideas, intuition and insight. In the executive coaching sessions, the expected results are: long-range strategic planning; action plans for the next 30 days; accountability; support; fresh perspective; and connections to resources. These sessions are ideal for business owners who desire to grow their business and individuals who are in a life or career transition.

For business consulting, using input from the client, Rena Huber will create an individualized plan for the business to grow and achieve seemingly impossible goals. She will apply her expertise to evaluate the business and provide recommendations for growth and improvement. A plan of action will be developed and then implemented using a combination of interviews with the owner and the key leaders, and an analysis of the current business processes and financial documents. What will be provided are action plans; specific training and/or coaching for key leaders; and meetings with the owners to evaluate the plan and adapt as required to continually improve and achieve goals. These sessions are suitable for owners desiring to grow their business, have impossible goals, and/or want to transition in some way.

In the intensive planning sessions, Rena Huber will design and facilitate an extended and intensive meeting to assess the current situation and create a plan of action to meet both short and long term strategic goals. These sessions are suitable for business owners and individuals who want to focus on their vision and life goals, followed by a plan of action and resources required to attain those goals.

Rena Huber Consulting LLC provides executive coaching, business consulting, and intensive planning sessions. Rena Huber’s focus is on developing customized strategies to attain extraordinary results. She has experienced personally working with over 300 executives and business owners in the greater Phoenix area to help them reach their goals and dreams and even exceed them. Many of these people and company leaders have achieved excellent results and have become leaders not just in their organizations but also in their communities. As a business coach and strategist, she is focused on making a difference and having an impact on the lives of her clients through individualized and team coaching. Her expertise is in performing a penetrating analysis on the key issues in order to establish an effective and potent strategic plan with action steps to achieve those goals.

Those who are looking for an executive coach in greater Phoenix can check out the Rena Huber Consulting LLC website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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