Gill & Chamas, LLC would like to reach out to New Jersey residents who have suffered an injury in a car accident. The firm has been active in the Woodbridge, NJ community since 1995 when lawyers Raymond Gill and Peter Chamas first teamed up, and they are eager to help clients win the compensation they deserve for their pain and distress.

The firm provides assistance with all kinds of car accidents. Gill & Chamas has two offices (the main Woodbridge office and another office in Howell), so clients can always find an experienced, local car accident lawyer to take the insurance companies to court if necessary.

Automobile accidents are almost always an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved. They are often caused by inattentive or impaired drivers or defective vehicles. Whatever the cause, auto accidents can leave everyone shaken, and it is not uncommon for survivors to be injured. An injury also tends to mean that medical treatment is necessary, which then means medical bills.

Additionally, being injured can make it impossible to work, and people who are injured in auto accidents often find themselves in dire financial circumstances a few months down the line. This is generally the case where the injured party fails to get their or the other party’s insurance company to give them any sort of pay out. With the help of an experienced auto accident attorney, like those at Gill & Chamas, getting the compensation they deserve is a relatively trivial matter.

“Insurance companies may want to settle your matter quickly,” notes the firm. “While you may be tempted to accept their initial offer and move on with your life, you’d be wise to consult with an attorney before signing on the dotted line. At Gill & Chamas, we act as your spokesperson and advocate, making sure your rights are fully protected after a car accident. Remember, the insurance company is looking out for itself and their stockholders — we look out for you and your family.”

The firm has managed to secure over a billion dollars in personal injury recoveries over the years. Serious injuries can dramatically alter a person’s life, and this is why the insurance payouts tend to be so massive. Gill & Chamas, LLC places a lot of emphasis on taking the stress of the accident away from the client and leaving them to worry about nothing else except healing. Instead of thinking of their hospital bills and legal fees, Gill & Chamas’ clients are only required to tell their story — then relax as a team of dedicated, experienced attorneys take care of the finer details of their case.

The firm has experience with the most stressful and difficult cases of all, fatal car accidents, having successfully argued for damages in such cases for nearly three decades. Injury alone is very difficult to deal with, but one or more deaths can render surviving family members virtually unable to function. This makes it much more important for them to work with an experienced car accident lawyer, especially one who understands their pain and grief. New Jersey residents are encouraged to get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible when dealing with a personal injury case.

“Richard S. was my wife's lawyer,” says a review of the firm from Patrick O’Callahan. “She went through very difficult times with her injury. Through the process of dealing with doctors and many questions, there was never a time when our questions or calls no matter what time, Richard was there for us. We consider him as a friend and part of our family! Thank you very much Richard for all that you have done for us!”

Karen Ostarticki also says in a top-rated review, “I am so very thankful to Richard Smith and his team for all of their hard work settling my Worker's Compensation suit. Mr. Smith was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and I felt genuinely cared for my well-being. I highly recommend Richard Smith and Gill & Chamas.”

Injuries can be challenging to deal with, so it is crucial for victims to give themselves the best chance of securing compensation by working with experienced personal injury lawyers. Those interested may get in contact with what many consider to be the top car accident attorney in New Jersey by visiting Gill & Chamas, LLC’s website. They may call the firm directly as well.


For more information about Gill & Chamas, LLC, contact the company here:

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