Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions is a North Carolina company that is very knowledgeable when it comes to the problems that can occur under homes. That’s something that naturally comes with this company's over 30 years of combined construction, engineering, and on-the-job experience. Now those at Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions are using their expertise to inform those in their area that late fall & winter are the best times to remedy crawl space moisture problems.

ATMOX system

Carlos Rendon, the president of Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions states the best way to do that is with the state-of-the-art ATMOX system. A system that offers tremendous crawl space moisture protection according to the company’s president. Rendon stated, “One condition that you never want present under your home is excessive moisture. That’s something that can cause some serious structural problems underneath your home. This includes rotting of structural wood, floor warping, and the growth of destructive and smelly mold. You can avoid this by giving us a call and discussing the installation of one of our ATMOX crawlspace moisture control systems.”

Rendon went on to say that ATMOX is a company that specializes in creating systems that control the heat in attics and help eliminate moisture problems in crawlspaces. It’s something that the systems they build have an excellent reputation for being able to capably. The ATMOX website states, “ATMOX products are designed for a common-sense and comprehensive approach to moisture control. ATMOX also prioritizes the overall health of your home with a focus on air quality and energy efficiency.”

The ATMOX website also mentioned that its systems offer customized technology so they can address the specific moisture control needs of each home they are placed in. He also mentioned that ATMOX stands for atmosphere. That’s appropriate because it takes several pieces of equipment in a crawlspace to make up a properly working moisture reduction system. This includes such components as Exhaust & Intake Fans, Internal Circulation Fans, Dehumidifiers, and most customers choose to install crawlspace LED Lighting too. All of these function based on the settings in the ATMOX system master control and some sensors it's connected to that are strategically placed around a home’s crawlspace. Rendon says that many people also prefer to encapsulate their crawlspaces along with adding an ATMOX system for ultimate crawlspace moisture reduction. Once again, he reminded that late fall and winter are the ideal times to take care of Charlotte area crawlspace excess moisture problems and they have well-trained crews with the necessary equipment to accomplish that.

ATMOX controller

The company owner also pointed out that the ATMOX Systems crawl space moisture reduction is not by any means the only type of home moisture control that Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions offers. Other tasks they successfully take on regularly include basement waterproofing, mold remediation, confined space odor removal, crawlspace repairs & encapsulating, and many other types of structural repairs. Those that have taken advantage of the crawlspace solutions that this company offers often leave very positive reviews about that experience. Richard Waterman stated, “CCSS worked for 4 weeks on replacing subfloors and encapsulating our crawl space. They were highly professional and responsive the entire time. Owners Michael and Carlos are among the most professional, responsive, and capable contractors with whom I've ever worked. The entire crew of 7 workers was hard-working and capable. Highly recommended.” Lauren Hill stated, “Mike and Shelby at Charlotte Crawl Space Solutions were amazing to work with! They made the very stressful process of remediating mold from our home and coming up with a plan so much easier. The work was completed quickly, and professionally and exceeded expectations. They are a local business that actually makes a plan for your basement and crawlspace instead of just encapsulating the crawl space and charging $$$. They were priced reasonably as well! Thank you!”

Those that would like to know more about ATMOX crawlspace moisture control systems or any of the other moisture-reducing and structural repair tasks that Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions offers can contact them by phone or by using the form that’s found on its website.


For more information about Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions, contact the company here:

Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions
Carlos Rendon
(704) 989-8219
Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions, LLC
2321 Hargette Rd
Monroe, NC. 28110


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