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Charlotte, NC based LiveWire Electrical is urging homeowners to consider whether their property needs to have its electrical panel changed. According to the company, an update can be required for brand new homes as well as properties that are quite old, and homeowners and property managers should always stay vigilant for other signs that their panel needs professional attention. More information on this can be found here:

“Your Charlotte home may have just been built or it may be decades old,” the company explains, “but you’ll eventually need to change out your electrical panel. Electrical panel upgrades are needed when your existing panel has the potential to cause issues. These issues can range from consistent circuit overloads to dangerous electrical fires. It’s important to have your panel inspected and replaced as soon as you start noticing issues. In some cases, you may notice that the installation was not done correctly by the previous contractor. To correct it and ensure the next attempt goes off flawlessly, you only need to turn to us.”

To begin with, the company says more attention should be paid to older homes since it is more likely that they will simply not have adequate amperage or fail to meet modern safety standards. Given that newer appliances and so on tend to require higher electrical capacity, operating a home with a panel that is incapable of safely meeting such capacities can pose a severe risk to both property and residents. This is one reason the company encourages homeowners to have their panel updated if they are aware it is aging — even if it has yet to present any issues. Along with improving the home’s safety rating, it will help ensure all of its appliances and other electrical requirements are met. See more here:

The company is quick to clarify that a panel upgrade cannot be implemented simply by choosing a more expensive option. Each home’s needs are unique, and their circumstances will require careful consideration before a viable candidate is chosen for installation. Fortunately, homeowners in Charlotte can expect just this type of conscientious service at LiveWire Electrical since their electricians have long become adept at identifying what local homes need. In addition to being familiar with the Charlotte grid, they have worked with virtually every panel on the market, and homeowners will always get the best unit for their home as a result.

LiveWire Electrical adds that being able to determine whether an upgrade is needed can save homeowners a lot of stress and money, especially if said signs are noticed before a major fault occurs (since this can also damage other items connected to the home’s electrical supply, such as appliances). An old panel is often the most obvious sign an upgrade is necessary, but the company says the way the home behaves can also help a resident come to the right conclusion about their panel’s status.

For instance, they may notice the lights flicker when appliances are turned on, or power may frequently go out for their household alone. Similarly, the breakers may trip far more often than expected, which could indicate that too many circuits are attached. Even if the house is currently functioning as desired, the company says that adding appliances, outlets or light fixtures may necessitate a panel upgrade as well in order to ensure the increased capacity is met.

There are a variety of solutions to an outdated panel, and LiveWire Electrical knows them all. For instance, homeowners who want new installations, expansions, electrical upgrades and so on may be able to do so with sub-panels (which give them additional circuit capacity). The company explains, “These panels are used for a wide range of electrical needs, such as pools, basements, garages and more. At LiveWire Electrical, we have years of experience with electrical panel installation in Charlotte.” Notably, sub-panels can also be used by businesses that are in the middle of expanding their operations. See more here:

Homeowners and businesses alike may contact LiveWire Electrical to inquire about their services or request clarification on any other concerns. The company will be pleased to dispatch an electrician to examine their property for potential problems or opportunities for upgrades.


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