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AZ based Pathfinders Recovery Center is ready to help men who are finding it difficult to maintain their sobriety. The organization’s all-male Scottsdale location is widely recognized for its proven ability to help substance users tackle their propensity to relapse. As a chronic relapse treatment center, they encourage all in need to contact their team today for more information. Those interested can swiftly have all their questions answered, including what they can expect during treatment.

One of the major issues for many individuals suffering from addiction is that seeking help can sometimes feel like a first step they have to repeat far more times than they can endure. Going to rehab, far from being the direct answer to their problems, can turn into a step they revisit several times as they progress through a cycle of recovery and relapse. While this may appear to be an insurmountable obstacle, Pathfinders Recovery Center is adamant that the opposite is true: people can indeed achieve lasting recovery. They simply need the right kind of help.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers in AZ and CO offer chronic relapse treatment programs with evidence based addiction treatment services

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that it can be difficult to identify exactly why a relapse takes place in a chronic manner. In the past, a recurring relapse may have been attributed to a lack of commitment or motivation on behalf of the individual, but today’s experts believe the truth is far more likely to lie in the state of each patient’s mental health — or specific conditions that make a relapse more likely to occur.

Notably, the Center clarifies that there is a difference between what is known as a temporary relapse and chronic relapse. The former may occur when the individual experiences a serious setback in their lives (or some other type of emotional upheaval). Should the stress reach a critical point, most will be inclined to resume their substance abuse as a way to cope. Their motivation to quit, however, is temporary, and they will eventually try to achieve sobriety again.

Pathfinders Recovery Center says a chronic relapse takes place when this type of crisis becomes an ongoing state of affairs. A person suffering from chronic relapse experiences regular periods of craving, increased tolerance, negative mood swings, compulsive behavior, poor performance at school or work and/or legal troubles.

On a related note, the Center says a chronic relapse can even take place with those who have a painkiller addiction. It is not necessarily tied to any legal or illegal class of substances. Patients who receive prescriptions for pain medication can be susceptible to it as well, especially if they suffer from chronic pain that does not respond to other treatments. Pathfinders Recovery Center cautions that they may be more vulnerable to developing a dependency if they take the wrong medication at the wrong time. This includes incorrect dosages, medication that is stronger than what they need and so on.

While certain brands or types of painkillers have a reputation for this, the Center says there is no one type of painkiller that can lead to such situations. This is one reason why prescribing physicians are trained to monitor their patients so closely.

On the other, this is by no means the only way an addiction can take root in an otherwise ‘regular’ aspect of life. Pathfinders Recovery Center calls attention to the fact that the proliferation of the drug epidemic now means that it touches virtually every American family in one way or another, so it is more productive to learn to recognize the signs of drug use (in order to provide help and intervention early) than to assume it will not be a problem. This is especially true for children, and parents are advised to learn from community experts how it can affect their family. Some, for instance, may be using coded language to discuss their drug use in the open, such as by substituting the term ‘ice cream’ for methamphetamine.

Whatever the case may be, Pathfinders Recovery Center is keen to provide their community all the assistance they need. Whether this involves sharing access to more educational materials, advice and programs for dealing with chronic relapse or even ice cream drug treatment, their team is always on hand. No matter what substance an individual (or their loved one) is struggling with, the staff at Pathfinders Recovery encourage them to reach out any time of day or night to discuss the best means of getting sober and into the recovery life for good.


For more information about Pathfinders Recovery Center, contact the company here:

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