Collier Family Lawyers Cairns, a respected and trusted law firm based in Cairns, moves to a new and improved office at 1 Pyne Street in Cairns City for a better client walk-in experience

Collier Family Lawyers Cairns, a trusted and respected law firm based in Cairns, is excited to announce that they have recently moved their offices to 1 Pyne Street in Cairns City. This new location offers several benefits to clients, and the team is thrilled to be able to provide an even better experience for everyone who visits.

Family Lawyers Cairns

One of the key advantages of the new office is its central location. 1 Pyne Street is situated right in the heart of Cairns City, making it easy for our clients to access their services no matter where they come from. Whether they're located in the north or south of the city, they can reach the offices easily, thanks to the convenient location.

In addition to being easily accessible, the new office at 1 Pyne Street offers a range of modern amenities and facilities. They have redesigned the space to create a warm and comfortable environment for the clients. The waiting rooms have been renovated with client convenience in mind, offering comfortable seating and a welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, they've added a private consultation room for clients who may prefer a more intimate setting for their legal discussions. The consultation room is a quiet and secluded space, providing a layer of confidentiality for clients as they discuss their legal matters.

"We've worked hard to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience when they visit our offices, and this includes ensuring they are greeted by friendly staff and have access to everything they need when they come to see us. This new location will make it easier for our clients to get to know us and prepare for their legal consultations." Nardine Collier (Managing Partner)

The new office also has a state-of-the-art conference room, perfect for negotiating client cases with the opposition. This high-tech space is equipped with the latest technology, making it easy to communicate and collaborate with others during legal proceedings.

But the benefits of the new location don't just stop at convenience and comfort. They have also ensured that the new offices meet the highest standards of accessibility, with a wide road in front and a decent parking area for visitors.

For years, the Collier Family Lawyers have been helping the Cairns community with a range of legal services on family law matters, including the need for assistance with wills and estates issues, child custody matters, and more.

They know what it takes to provide exceptional legal services to their clients and is committed to providing the best legal advice to all of them. They understand that family issues can make people vulnerable, and the emotions attached can cloud their judgment. So they work with empathy and ensure their clients are not taken advantage of by anyone.

To know more about Collier Family Lawyers Cairns or to procure their services, visit their website or contact them at 0742145666.

About Collier Family Lawyers Cairns:

Established by Nardine Collier, an accredited divorce & family law specialist with over 26 years of experience, Collier Family Lawyers Cairns is the go-to law firm for Cairns locals. They are known for offering affordable and optimal solutions to even the most complicated or challenging cases.

Media Contact:

Company: Collier Family Lawyers Cairns
Contact Person: Nardine Collier
Contact No: 0742145666
New Address: 3/1 Pyne St, Edge Hill QLD 487


For more information about Collier Family Lawyers Cairns, contact the company here:

Collier Family Lawyers Cairns
Nardine Collier
(07) 4214 5666
3/1 Pyne St
Cairns City QLD 4870


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