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The Irlen Institute, which is a pioneer and global leader for spectral filter colored lens technology, has revealed that colored overlays are now integrated into a number of accessibility settings of digital devices. Colored overlays are a low-cost assistive technology used as a solution for the visual processing issue for certain people, known as Irlen Syndrome. These have been used by millions of children and adults in various parts of the world to address light-based visual processing problems such as visual stress and scotopic sensitivity. Millions of people have been helped by the Irlen Method, as it provides an evidence-based, long-term solution for the visual and physical symptoms caused by underlying light sensitivity in a variety of conditions, including ADHD, autism, reading problems, headaches, migraines, and various other light-based difficulties.

Those who suffer from visual processing problems such as the Irlen Syndrome and visual stress have brains that overreact to bright lights, visual stimuli, and high contrast. Colored lenses or overlays can offer a solution by reducing the amount of contrast on the page with the result that it is less stressful for the brain to process.

A spokesperson for The Irlen Institute says, “Colored overlays are regularly used in classrooms by students, and as accommodations on state and standardized tests. They can: enhance print clarity and stability; decrease strain and fatigue; get rid of headaches and eye-strain from an over-stimulated visual system; improve comprehension; allow the person to track and keep one’s place while reading; make reading faster; and enable the person to read longer and with greater comfort.”

There are various signs of Irlen Syndrome, such as: discomfort; attention and concentration problems; light sensitivity; depth perception; distortions; reading problems; writing problems; and more. Some may have physical symptoms, including feeling anxious, sleepy, tired, dizzy, and irritable. Others suffer from mood changes, headaches, restlessness, and difficulty in remaining focused.

For those who have difficulties with writing, night driving, depth perception, math, or the environment, colored filters that are worn as glasses might be the best possible solution. The colored overlays are a vital first step in finding out if the Irlen Method is applicable for them and can provide relief. It has been observed that colored overlays can: improve physical symptoms such as headaches and eye-strain, eliminate print distortions; reduce strain and fatigue; impact eye-tracking; allow the person to read longer and with greater comfort; and boost comprehension.

Meanwhile, many digital devices now provide a color screen filter that is included in the accessibility settings of the device. This allows individuals who are suffering from discomfort, glare, blurry words, or eye strain when using a smartphone or tablet, to use a colored filter built-in into the device as a supplement to the colored overlay that is typically used on paper. With the right color filter, people can enjoy increased fluency, accuracy, and comfort when reading using the digital device. This allows the individual to read and work on the digital device for much longer periods of time without suffering from strain or fatigue.

A certified Irlen Screener or Diagnostician is needed to determine the optimal color to be used to provide relief for distortions, strain, and fatigue. The spokesperson says, “For those who suffer from difficulties with writing, depth perception, math, night driving, or the environment, colored filters worn as glasses might be the best treatment. However, the colored overlays are a vital first step in finding out if the Irlen Method works for them and can provide relief.”

Launched by Helen Irlen in 1983, The Irlen Institute has been helping millions of people all over the world with its full-service diagnostic procedure and innovative technology. With more than 170 Irlen diagnosticians and thousands of Irlen screeners, the institute is capable of applying the Irlen Method to assist people in over 55 nations. The institute’s international headquarters is in Long Beach, CA, delivers clinical services, and is the location of their national and international laboratory that serves all of the European and North American affiliates of the institute.

Those who are interested in the colored overlays and the Irlen Method can check out The Irlen Institute website or contact them on the telephone or through email.


For more information about The Irlen Institute, contact the company here:

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