Madison, AL based iFoam is ready to install spray foam insulation for customers in Huntsville and beyond. iFoam of Huntsville can show both homeowners and businesses why this innovative solution is perfect for most homes, and those interested may learn more at the following link: Visit Company Website.

Spray foam insulation offers a number of advantages that residents would be interested in, such as improved energy efficiency (leading to lower utility bills), better interior air quality and improved comfort indoors. However, iFoam says it is important to determine whether a property actually needs an upgrade before performing one. In certain cases, they explain, spray foam may not be what a home or business needs. Fortunately, the contractor is able to simplify this decision for their customers.

In every project, iFoam of Huntsville begins by examining the property for any potential issues. This may include a breakdown of overall air infiltration, the quality and durability of any insulation that is already present, overall energy usage over a given period (especially during peaks) and so on. This will help the customer decide whether they want to invest in an upgrade.

Once the team is given the go-ahead, they will handle everything else. Any old insulation can be removed by the team before the site is prepped for a spray foam installation. This form of insulation is relatively easy to install as it is applied as a liquid that then expands into a foam which fills every crevice (thereby ensuring all gaps are covered), but it still takes a practiced, professional hand to apply evenly and effectively. This is why iFoam makes it a point to train their team for the task.

Notably, the company offers a number of supporting services that are designed to raise a property’s overall energy efficiency. In some areas of a home, for instance, spray foam insulation would be inadvisable, so iFoam may use caulk, weatherstripping and more to complete the job. The team aims to be flexible and work according to each project’s needs, so any combination of their services and expertise may be employed to complete their work. As always, the customer will be kept apprised at every stage.

iFoam has several locations in multiple states, and the company always strives to deliver the same, exemplary service everywhere. This is evident in how customers are always willing to share highly positive feedback regarding iFoam’s work. Many locations, in fact, have garnered top ratings across the board, and iFoam of Huntsville looks forward to showing their community that they are capable of such heights as well.

“I was very pleased with the spray foam attic insulation work that iFoam Insulation did on my attic,” says one customer. “Mike and Malcolm worked very hard moving things out of the attic and around the attic so they could do the install. They are courteous and professional. Ty Kretzinger is extremely knowledgeable and patiently answered all my questions before and after the spray foam install. The guys cleaned up everything and worked efficiently. I am super happy since I can now store more in my attic because the temperature is not as hot. iFoam’s prices are very fair and competitive. Call them, you won't be disappointed!”

Another customer shares that they experienced, “Good communication with the salesman and owner. Ifoam technician made certain that the product applied is correct and that I understood the difference in the products prior to applying. Technicians covered floors and widows to ensure minimal splatter of insulation. Cleanup was performed above satisfactory. Technician was pleasant and detail oriented.”

This is the same experience Huntsville customers can expect. According to iFoam, the team would like to hear back from customers following a service call — while the company has a reputation for doing great work, they are always looking for new ways to improve their offerings (especially those which may be particular to Huntsville and the area’s unique needs).

Those interested in learning more are welcome to contact the contractor directly to follow up on any further inquiries. Social media users will find iFoam of Huntsville on their preferred platforms as well. For more, go here: Visit Web Site.


For more information about iFoam of Huntsville, contact the company here:

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