TX based Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas is pleased to share that Franklin Martinez has been appointed as the new Area Public Adjuster Manager in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth area. From now on, he will ensure the team upholds its mandate to help customers recover to pre-loss conditions as efficiently as possible.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas has long demonstrated their willingness to go above and beyond for local policyholders who have experienced a catastrophic loss of one kind or another. When a loss occurs, the burden of proof falls on the policyholder, so they are obliged to present the full extent of their loss (as accurately as possible) to their insurer, and should this prove to be too difficult for them, any claim they submit might be undervalued as a result. Worse, it can be denied outright.


As such, Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas exclusively seeks talented, passionate individuals who are aware of the weight of their responsibilities. Each customer’s case has to receive their complete attention, and the firm holds everyone to extraordinarily high standards in order to meet their mandate. They are pleased to share that Franklin Martinez exceeded all their demanding standards, and the team expects him to be an invaluable addition in the years to come.

Franklin Martinez, who also goes by Frankie, will be able to pull from an impressively storied career as he works with customers on new cases. According to Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas, he worked in construction for the better part of decade, and his responsibilities during this time were reflective of his strong work ethic and commitment to the realization of complex projects.

This background will also inform his duties going forward, given that he will be directly involved in assessing damages caused to all kinds of property. In addition to his experience in the construction industry, however, he has invested the time to become certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to work with water, fire, smoke and mold. He also possesses an all-lines adjuster license, and he has already put this to great use working through several hurricanes, such as Ian, Harvey, Sally and Irma.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas serves a diverse community and is always aware of the need to communicate effectively at every level. To accommodate this, the company makes it a point to provide pathways to any individual who has demonstrated an ability to carry out their duties while maintaining transparency with clients at every step. According to the company, Martinez has done so. He is also fluent in three languages — English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Martinez will work with a team of like-minded and skilled individuals in his capacity as Area Public Adjuster Manager in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth area. Many who serve the community through Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas have experience in associated industries, such as roofing, construction and so on (along with insurance adjusting, restoration and public adjusting). This has furnished them with a perspective the average homeowner does not have, and the company believes it is their job to correct this imbalance, especially since it makes hard-working residents more vulnerable to inefficiencies in the insurance industry.

For instance, the company points out that many do not know they even have the option of hiring their own representation when filing a property claim, let alone how crucial such representation is following extensive losses, such as in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The claims process can be long and frustrating as well, and a homeowner who is occupied with finding food and shelter will likely have little time or energy left to deal with insurers.

This is the reason Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas exists. All of the knowledge and expertise the team wields is placed at the disposal of their clients, and they strongly believe in educating everyone they work with to ensure every decision made is as informed as possible. From now on, residents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area can expect to find Franklin Martinez doing the same.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas can be reached via phone or email. More information about the company and their adjusters can be found on the company’s official website.


For more information about Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas, contact the company here:

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