Denver Digital Agency is guiding business owners on what to expect when working with a high-performing and experienced digital marketing agency such as itself. The SEO agency offers a range of services such as Local SEO, SEO, eCommerce SEO, Lead Generation, Web Design, Graphic Design, and PPC (Pay Per Click) or Google Ad campaign management.

Senior Consultant at Denver Digital Agency, Adam MacPhail introduces its guide for those new to digital marketing by saying, “There is a vast discrepancy in the quality of services that SEO agencies offer to customers. This is because the industry is not regulated and those starting their own don’t require a license to begin operations. For example, if you hire a plumber for your home or office, you can look for one who has proven their competency by acquiring the state’s plumbing license. However, you can’t do the same for SEO agencies. Your best course of action is to ask for recommendations within your professional network or to rely on what internet reviews are saying. Moreover, even if you think you have found an SEO expert, they may not follow all the best SEO practices. We have published a guide that summarizes how the best SEO agencies in the industry work so that you can gauge the quality of services you are receiving from your current provider. It will also help you ask the right questions if you are currently in the process of evaluating one.”

In its blog post, Denver Digital Agency says that clients should insist on finding out about the project management system that the SEO agency plans to use as the absence of one is a major red flag. Reliable SEO agencies are also usually very clear about the targets that they can achieve for their clients. This includes a defined set of deliverables such as weekly or monthly reports and enumerable metrics such as web traffic, conversion rates, retention rates, and more. SEO agencies that make nebulous claims that are not backed up by data and seem too good to be true should be avoided. Business owners are also requested to be forthcoming about their expectations and to temper them based on the project’s time frame.

Once the project is underway, the Denver SEO agency urges clients to regularly check in with their SEO partners. Clients should also not shy away from giving honest feedback about how their services can be improved, especially when it comes to communication. This, however, goes both ways and business owners should also try to be responsive to the agency’s needs. The blog post also notes that it takes time for even the best SEO strategies to bear fruit. Thus, clients should be patient about the progress and wait for the scheduled milestones in the initial roadmap.

Finally, the blog post summarizes the many ways in which clients can determine just how effective an SEO agency has been. This includes tracking website analytics using industry-standard tools, examining whether increased traffic has resulted in increased sales, and calculating whether they are getting a good return on investment. At the end of the promised service period, the results should be compared with the starting goals to evaluate whether the partnership is working.

Adam MacPhail summarizes his thoughts by saying, “To decide whether an SEO agency is a good match for your online business, ask yourself these simple questions – are they delivering high-quality work on the deadlines, are their changes positively affecting your bottom line, are they are truly listening to your needs, and, at the end of the day, do you like the people who you work with at the agency? If you can figure this out, I’m 100% confident that you will soon end up with an SEO agency that can take your business to the next level.”

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