Tucson, AZ based Discount Door Service is pleased to share that customer feedback has been exceptionally positive in recent weeks. The company attributes this to the fact that their team has been able to deliver a consistently high standard of service despite the economic issues troubling businesses across the nation.

K. Fagga has much to share about the company’s garage door repair work and their approach to customer service. Their 5-Star Google review says, “My review is about four months late, but these guys did such an awesome job fixing my garage door. I called and spoke with Melissa, and she was able to get someone out to me within an hour. She also gave me approximate pricing so I knew what I was looking at in terms of cost. The gentleman who came out to replace our broken spring (I wish I wrote his name down!) was awesome and so kind. He got everything replaced so quickly and efficiently, I was still able to make it to work. Thank you guys, again, you have amazing employees and run your business incredibly well.”

Discount Door Service - Garage Door Service in Tucson

Other 5 star reviews are similarly glowing, even when brief. As C. Myers says, they found the company to be, “Very professional, friendly, efficient and affordable. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone in Tucson needing garage door repair work.” Discount Door Service also highlights a review from G. Arcya, who explains that their, “Garage door bound up and went off track at 6AM. Called at 7AM and was fixed by 9AM. Incredible response, and service was fairly priced. Thanks for saving my morning.”

Notably, the company has a stellar 5-Star rating on this platform, and they have received nearly 100 reviews from satisfied customers who praise their work ethic, attention to detail and the overall quality of their work. Those who look up the company’s presence elsewhere across the web will find that they also have a 5-Star rating on Yelp as well the Better Business Bureau (BBB). On all these platforms, customers commend the professional conduct of their employees.

Furthermore, the company stays true to their name in that their services are offered at excellent rates, which many appreciate given how times have been in recent years. Discount Door Service wishes to do their part for their community, and even though this means dealing with more challenges than the company was initially launched to address, the team is confident that they can continue to provide an excellent, affordable service for all their customers.

As a family-owned garage door repair provider in Tucson, Discount Door Service understands that their customers are looking for a company that can arrive on time and get the job done as swiftly as possible (without incurring huge fees). This means that the service has to be convenient as well.

The company accomplishes this by ensuring their team can handle virtually any garage door-related issue their customers present them with. For instance, while their general service regimen includes safety checks, lube and maintenance, the company can also replace broken rollers, springs, panels and tracks as required. They can also repair door openers.

Discount Door Service is familiar with every make and model of garage door sold in Arizona, so this means they know how to obtain the required parts for any job — and how to install them. If a customer in Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Vail, Saddlebrooke and the surrounding communities has a problem with their garage door, they can rest assured that Discount Door Service will know how to rectify it.

Those unfamiliar with the company should be aware the Discount Door Service eschews the use of commissioned salespeople. Instead, every member on their team is a highly trained professional whose sole purpose is to resolve their customers’ garage door problems. Their assessment, as a result, will be honest and straightforward. This means that customers will never have to deal with a company’s representatives trying to upsell them if they choose to work with Discount Door Service. The problem will be accurately described, a fair estimate will be provided, and then the company will fix it at the customer’s behest.

Customers may contact Melissa MacMeans of Discount Door Service if they wish to learn more about this or schedule a maintenance/repair job with the company’s technicians. More information regarding their services can be found on the official Discount Door Service website.


For more information about Discount Door Service, contact the company here:

Discount Door Service
Melissa MacMeans
(520) 579-9084
1330 W Morning View Dr
Tucson, AZ 85704


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