Dr. Mark Hickman, MD, FACS, an expert in laparoscopic procedures in New Braunfels, TX, takes pride not just in having a high rate of successful vasectomy reversal but also in being able to provide affordable all-inclusive options. The first alternative is priced at $3,300, which includes local anesthesia and an oral sedative. The second alternative is priced at $4,200 and includes IV sedation administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Hickman has been providing vasectomy reversal for almost 30 years and has helped thousands of men regain their ability to father a child.

Dr. Hickman is an expert when it comes to minimally invasive surgery. He has also invented a number of surgical instruments and has been awarded a U.S. patent and he has made several contributions to many other vital minimally invasive patents. Having performed over 1,300 vasectomy reversals, he has lost count on the number of pregnancies he was able to make possible. He has also “corrected” a number of vasectomy reversals from other providers. It should be noted that while surgical procedures and outcomes vary by a wide range among various providers, Dr. Hickman has experienced a high success rate as a result of his commitment to help men regain their ability to father a child.

reversing vasectomy

Dr. Mark Hickman says, “For those who are asking, ‘Is it possible to reverse a vasectomy?,’ because a lot of people think vasectomy is permanent, the truth is with microsurgery, it is possible to find the two ends of the vas deferens and join them again using fine nylon suture, which is finer than human hair. With the help of a powerful microscope, I will be able to carefully align the two ends of the vas and provide a watertight closure that leads to a much higher success rate compared to other providers.”

Another way that Dr. Hickman ensures a higher success rate is to take a sample of the fluid from the testicular end of the vas deferens and examine the fluid under a laboratory microscope. There are three possibilities when examining the fluid. The first possibility is that the fluid contains whole sperm. This is the best possible scenario. The second possibility, which is actually the most typical, is that the fluid is thin and doesn’t contain whole sperm but instead sperm parts. The third possibility is that the fluid is thin and doesn’t contain any sperm, and not even sperm parts. This is due to an epididymal blowout, which implies there is an obstruction that prevents the sperm from getting through. The obstruction may be at the site of the vasectomy or there is a rupture of the tube in the epididymis.

If there is an epididymal blowout, Dr. Hickman will need to perform a vasoepididymostomy, in addition to the vasovasostomy, in order ensure a high success rate. Furthermore, there will be no additional cost for the patient even if Dr. Hickman has to perform an additional vasoepididymostomy. The quoted all-inclusive price will not change.

Established in 1988, Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman is a practice that features his pioneering techniques for conducting minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Hickman underwent his general surgery residency training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. It was during that period that he learned about the microsurgery methods that were then being applied in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Noting how it could result into a better experience for his patients, he committed himself to apply microsurgery techniques for his vasectomy reversal practice. Currently, he has already performed thousands of successful vasectomy reversals, and he expects to continue to help more men get back their ability to father a child and to discourage men who are planning to go for a vasectomy.

Those who are interested in reversing vasectomy can visit the Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


For more information about Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman, contact the company here:

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