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Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, has released a trio of new resources about evidence based and holistic approaches to addiction treatment. Sound therapy for addiction is an emerging method among luxury mental and behavioral health facilities and can be life-changing for those who have not yet found the desired results from conventional treatment methods and are looking for complementary therapy. The staff at Emerald Isle also teaches and support the use of surfing to control the urge for substance use. And finally, they have also added the use of psychodrama therapy for addiction.

Studies have shown that sound therapy may be used to help people struggling with an addiction. This is based on the way the brain naturally responds to certain types of sounds. While not everyone may benefit equally from this kind of therapy, it may be a useful method of therapy for reducing a particular patient’s addiction symptoms. A person’s reactions to sounds are subjective and the way a particular individual interprets certain sounds is based on personal and emotional opinions.

Effective use of sound therapy for addiction is part of the holistic rehab approach at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery

However, there are also biological responses to sound and these are separate from one’s opinions. They affect a person regardless of personal or emotional opinions. It is these biological responses to particular sounds that sound therapy takes advantage of. Various kinds of instruments or tone generating devices may be used in sound therapy, such as: tuning forks, wind chimes, gongs, bells, “singing” bowls, rain sticks, harmoniums, vocal tones, and shakers. Benefits from sound therapy include improvements with regard to: mood swings, anxiety, headaches, cravings for alcohol or drugs, muscle aches, depression, and angry outbursts.

Meanwhile, urge surfing offers a way to cope with substance cravings. This technique allows the individual to face these cravings rather than avoiding or ignoring them. Instead, the person is taught to weather those cravings without drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Urge surfing employs two key principles of dialectic behavior therapy, which are mindfulness and distress tolerance. It helps the person to avoid those actions that tend to make the urges stronger. These include: justifying one’s urges; focusing on those thoughts and excluding other thoughts; making plans to fulfill the urges in the future; and denying their existence. Urges are waves of feeling and the patient is taught to ride them out without suppressing them or acting on them.

And finally, a range of techniques can be applied in psychodrama to help a person achieve treatment goals. The three techniques that are essential components of this kind of therapy are: doubling, mirroring, and role reversal. Studies have shown that psychodrama can help in various ways. It may help enhance one’s motivation to take an active part in one’s treatment. Furthermore, it may help a patient to avoid relapse. This is because psychodrama may help minimize the impact of anxiety on a patient’s mental outlook.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was started with the mission of allowing easier access to addiction treatment and recovery. Over the years, they have been continuously focused on discovering innovative techniques and developing new treatment approaches while combining services for both mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. Their creative strategy is based on a personalized evidence-based treatment that always takes into account the whole person such that the patients are able to accomplish long term sustainable recovery. They have meticulously chosen the location of their rehab facilities to allow their clients to have a high degree of privacy and to be away from those things, places, and people that may push them into a relapse.

People who would like to know more about the evidence based and holistic approaches to addiction treatment offered by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, such as the use of psychodrama for addiction, can visit their website or contact them through the telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week, and interested parties are encouraged to reach out to their Admissions team at any time of day or night.


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