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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, an addiction treatment center offering holistic, non-12-step treatment for substance abuse, is encouraging residents of New York City to find out more about its facilities in Hawaii. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, considered by many to be the top destination rehab for urban residents across the United States, offers programs to help patients recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs and fight the symptoms of burnout or a combination of all three.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, which offers holistic alcohol and drug rehab for Houston residents, is an eight-bed estate on a 30-acre ocean view property with tons of luxurious amenities and an exquisitely crafted décor that is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is close to Hilo International Airport and has access to a private jet airport nearby as well. The center extends its focus on luxury to all aspects of its service as it also treats its patients to whole organic executive chef-prepared meals and provides them with organic body care products for self-care. Patients can choose to sign up for private rooms or shared-room options, all of which include a private lanai. The facility also maintains a high staff-to-patient ratio to guarantee personalized high-quality service for all of its guests. Its website offers plenty of pictures of the accommodations for patients to get a sense of the immersive spiritual experience that they are in for when they arrive at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.

Find the ultimate luxury rehab for NYC residents with Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

The center claims to use naturopathic treatment and deep, introspective work administered in a setting that is naturally abundant in its beauty and majesty. It champions a transformative experience for its clients that addresses the underlying cause of their drug abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and other cognitive barriers. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s holistic addiction therapy works for those undergoing detox from cocaine, meth, or opioids, those suffering from addiction to meth, opioids, including heroin, and other drugs or alcohol, and those who want to participate in drug and alcohol rehab, women’s rehab, or men’s rehab.

The center, which offers luxury rehab for NYC residents, has professionals that provide clients with an individualized detox process with antioxidant support. Residents are also encouraged to participate in enriching therapeutic activities such as dietary therapy, outdoor, adventure, or nature therapy, animal therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, health & body awareness training, customized bodywork including massages, acupuncture, structural integration, craniosacral therapy, traditional Hawaiian therapies, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, stress management techniques, exercise, and fitness.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s medical director, Dr. Bryce has experience working in a detoxification clinic, wilderness behavioral therapy program, private practice, and is trained in acupuncture. The on-site therapist, Shahar Goode, holds a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. The dietician and yoga teacher, Lailina Wisoff, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has completed the Full Body Systems and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner training with the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

A spokesperson for the center providing holistic alcohol and drug rehab for Los Angeles residents talks about its services by saying, “Whether you are in NYC, Houston, or Los Angeles, the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab facility forms a clear choice for those high functioning alcoholics or substance users that need to take some time away to clear their thoughts and bodies of toxic presences. With a renowned reputation for healing, the Hawaiian Islands, and the EHR facility, specifically, have helped hundreds of clients regain their bearings and embrace a life without reliance on alcohol and drugs. If you are local to the LA area, Houston, or New York City, we cordially invite you to call our Intake Coordinator and find out more about attending the only premier addiction treatment facility of its kind in the nation. Call us today and we will help you understand the breadth of the programs we offer and slot you into the correct one depending on your affliction.”

The inpatient program at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is available in 30-day increments, with the option to add more time as needed. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab can be contacted at (808) 775-0200 or intake@exclusivehawaiirehab.com for inquiries.


For more information about Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, contact the company here:

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab
Intake Coordination
(808) 775-0200
31-631 Old Mamalahoa Hwy
Hakalau, HI 96710


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