Detroit, MI based Fleet Cost & Care is offering their team of fleet management consultants and accompanying software packages to businesses that regularly operate large groups of work vehicles. Conscious of a rising need to save costs wherever possible, businesses have an opportunity to minimize expenditures and increase efficiency with better fleet management. Fleet Cost & Care provides a comprehensive service that achieves this goal.

Fleet Cost & Care is widely considered to offer the most effective fleet management consulting services in the region, and their experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses at various stages of growth and in numerous industries. Many aspects of fleet management remain the same across the board, regardless of the industry in question, but certain factors can matter a great deal more. The company makes it a point to determine what a client needs during the onboarding process, thus ensuring that any recommendations they make will be tailored to the business’ unique situation.

One issue that every business has to deal with is fuel conservation. Fluctuating gas prices now mean that businesses have to keep an extremely close eye on this part of their vehicles’ operating costs, and revisions may have to be made on a regular basis to keep up with market influences. Even before the present issues, however, effective fuel management played a key role in helping businesses keep costs down, thereby increasing their profits and improving their overall business model.

According to Fleet Cost & Care, a data driven approach can have a drastic impact. Analyzing which days or events coincide with heavier fuel usage, for instance, can give the business an opportunity to look for ways to save, either by avoiding those periods altogether or by utilizing other routes. A number of solutions are always available, and the company is accustomed to investigating them at length to determine which would be most suitable for a specific client. This data has to be collected to begin with, however, and the company is pleased to confirm that they offer a solution in this regard as well.

Fleet Cost & Care offers clients access to proprietary software packages that can be personalized to their business’ needs. For instance, the company’s heavy equipment operations management software carries several advantages that enable a business to function more efficiently at all levels, not simply where their vehicles’ behavior is concerned. This software can be used in far greater capacity than solely in scheduling and dispatching tasks; it is a comprehensive operations system that allows all associated tasks to be performed and tracked simultaneously. Employees, as a result, enjoy greater flexibility in their respective roles, increasing effectiveness across the board.

One of the major benefits of using Fleet Cost & Care’s software solutions is that they concentrate various functions under a single umbrella. Where a business may have previously had to rely on multiple, independent vendors for sales, scheduling and so on, they can now perform all of these tasks within the software Fleet Cost & Care provides. With NextGen, for instance, users will find that they can quickly create quotes, schedule jobs in real-time (and onsite), invoice customers and even execute payroll. This allows the business’ leadership team to reduce time spent on laborious administrative tasks, in turn freeing themselves up to focus on more crucial areas and even new profit-generating initiatives altogether.

As review on Software Advice states, “Fleet Cost & Care allows for daily operations to be streamlined. With minimizing duplicate data entry, physical paper chasing and the compartmentalization of all job work order details, Fleet Cost & Care has provided immediate ROIs to our organization. Fleet Cost & Care software allows an organization to use as much or as little functionality based on what suits their independent business operations. Fleet Cost & Care does not ‘box’ an organization into changing the organization's practices, processes to fit the way the software works but offers a dynamic, flexible, room-to-grow platform that works in favor of the organization's practices.”

Thanks to their potent combination of expert consultants and purpose-built software platforms, Fleet Cost & Care offers businesses a golden opportunity to make a huge difference in the efficiency of their operations. The company is committed to helping every client minimize expenditures and maximize profits, and they look forward to supporting American business for the foreseeable future. More details are available on the Fleet Cost & Care website.


For more information about Fleet Cost & Care, contact the company here:

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