Florida divorce lawyer Russell Knight releases a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/injury-settlement-naples-florida-divorce/) explaining whether an injury settlement is a marital asset. The lawyer mentions that in Florida, property that was earned during the marriage is a marital property for default and will be split. Many settlements, however, aren’t to reflect money earned in marriage but rather to make up for lost earnings in the future.

According to the Florida divorce lawyer, “Florida recognizes that most injury settlements are not purely for lost future wages. An injury settlement usually contains money for things that would be considered marital such as to recoup medical expenses or past lost earnings. Therefore, the courts divide any settlement up into marital or non-marital earnings.”

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The lawyer mentions that in almost any and every personal injury claim, the husband or wife can also sue the liable party for “loss of consortium”. When there is a personal injury and the injured person is getting divorced and there are two people with cases against the liable party but the couple can’t sue the liable party together because they are already suing each other.

“Injury cases take years to resolve and the rule of thumb is “the bigger the case, the longer it takes to settle.” You may not want to wait the 5 years it takes to settle a big injury case. You do not have to resolve the division of the injury case’s proceeds at the divorce. The injury case’s proceeds are a complete unknown until the injury case has settled or has gone to trial. The matter of the injury case’s proceeds can simply be reserved until the final award is determined,” says the Florida divorce lawyer.

Lastly, attorney Russell Knight emphasizes the importance of having an experienced attorney when trying to validate a marriage in Florida. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the client understand if the marriage they have is a common law marriage and whether it is still valid in the state of Florida.

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