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Fort Myers, Florida — A Florida man found lasting recovery at WhiteSands Treatment Center, and his mother is so happy about his success that she left an ecstatic five-star review on Google.

So glad I made the decision to send my son to WhiteSands!” wrote the mother, Cheryl. “He has been clean for 6+ years!!”

WhiteSands Alcohol  & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

Six years is an impressive length of time to live in recovery. But Cheryl’s son isn’t the only person staying sober for years after completing treatment at one of WhiteSands’ Florida centers, which have a higher percentage of patients enjoying long-term sobriety. The quality of its programs led Newsweek magazine to rank WhiteSands as Florida’s No. 1 addiction treatment center in 2022 for the third consecutive year.

Cheryl’s son found a dedicated community of addiction treatment specialists at WhiteSands, where alcohol and drug addiction is customized to meet the personal needs of each client. WhiteSands rejects old notions of one-size-fits-all addiction therapy, providing individually designed programs that consistently exceed industry standards in several ways.

Clients participate in individual or family therapy five times per week, compared to one hour per week at other programs. WhiteSands’ staff-to-patient ratio is smaller than most other programs maintain, which enables smaller, more personal group sessions. In addition, clients benefit from the dedication and focused care of WhiteSands’ staff, who are highly credentialed and experienced – and totally dedicated to every client’s success.

The care and concern don’t stop at discharge. WhiteSands’ unique post-treatment Life Skills Program provides daily support, establishing a consistent connection that is a critical factor in the former patient’s maintenance of sobriety.

At WhiteSands, the journey to recovery includes relapse prevention techniques and outreach programs; family therapy; accelerated resolution therapy; sober living facilitation; mental health treatment; trauma therapy; and dual diagnosis treatment, which approaches addiction as a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological condition rather than as a single disorder.

Because the facility offers all levels of care, patients are guided throughout each stage in the recovery process, from inpatient residential treatment to outpatient rehab, partial hospitalization and beyond.

A critical element of the WhiteSands program is its focus on relapse prevention. Recovery can be interrupted at any time – even during rehab – by a compelling urge to begin using again. To minimize the risk of starting to use again, WhiteSands incorporates relapse prevention strategies in its treatment programs. Part of the rehabilitation process involves the creation of a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan that every client can take with them once they leave. These relapse prevention strategies can save lives and help recovering addicts know how to deal with emotional triggers and tempting social situations. With the coping and recovery tools learned through this training, everyone can achieve what Cheryl’s son has – but only if they stay committed and follow the plan.

Knowing the strong link between personal happiness and success in recovery, WhiteSands offers comfortable accommodations and amenities – not luxurious, but comfortable. Patients are much more receptive to treatment and success in recovery when their whole being is cared for, not just their physical addiction.

WhiteSands includes an on-site recreation center where patients can come at the end of each day’s alcohol or drug rehab program. Activities include a boxing program that lets them get physically fit and burn off pent-up energy. WhiteSands believes that when patients can exert energy in a healthy, constructive manner, they are also developing new hobbies and habits they can take with them to their new lives of sobriety and peace.

Anyone seeking comprehensive treatment for alcohol or drug addiction or another substance use disorder can visit WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab or call 877-693-4306.


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