Kitchen and home accessories company Frux Home and Yard is relaunching under a new brand name, Roots To Table. The company is streamlining its product selection to focus on its most popular offerings and will soon manufacture them in even more varieties and with many more eye-catching and useful features. Readers can catch up on the details of the rebranding by heading over to the new website at the link:

A spokesperson for Roots To Table talks about the reason behind the transition to the new branding and what it will entail by saying, “We are changing our brand from Frux Home and Yard, the name under which we've been serving our customers for over 5 years, to Roots To Table. We've been crafting this new brand since 2021 and we are very excited about its debut. Roots To Table will focus more on our charcuterie boards instead of the other kitchen and home products offered by Frux Home and Yard such as decorative lighting and oven mitts. The Roots To Table brand will also be taking the cheese boards and expanding into a variety of woods as well, not just bamboo. This will allow us to meet the demands of modern consumers who want as authentic an experience as possible from their charcuterie boards at all price points. If you have been with the company all these years and enjoy our products, we hope that we continue receiving your support and patronage. For those who are hearing about us for the first time, we urge you to head over to our website and check out our charcuterie board offerings. We promise that there will be more information coming soon on the official launch of Roots To Table and all of our dear customers will be invited to participate in the celebrations.”

When asked to elaborate on the meaning behind the name of the new brand name, Roots To Table, the company’s spokesperson says, “Over the past few years, we have had the great privilege of visiting over 40 countries, appreciating diverse cultures, local customs, and traditional authentic cuisine. What we uncovered was, that the most memorable times were spent getting to enjoy incredible "food experiences" with others. These "food experiences" provided opportunities for conversations and a greater sense of connection. All our lives, the best memories that we continue to create are with our family and friends in the heart of our home, around the kitchen table. A culmination of all these experiences - our love of nature, a passion for travel, and the joy we get from entertaining others with incredible "food experiences" - has led us to Roots To Table, our most significant venture yet. With this brand, we want to capture the essence of the location where the concept of Roots To Table was first born - on the majestic shores of Lake Superior, rooted in the mighty Precambrian Shield. To begin with, we will be focusing on products that evoke the pleasure and satisfaction that one feels by being in tune with nature, which in our case are the high-quality bamboo charcuterie and cheese boards. We wholeheartedly believe that dining on our charcuterie boards surrounded by your dearest friends and family is the closest that you are ever going to get to recreating the warm experience of lounging on the shores of Lake Superior.”

The store’s current offering of bamboo charcuterie boards includes the Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set (5 Pc) for $34.77, the Premium Charcuterie Board Set (21 Pc) for $45.77, and the Ultimate Charcuterie Platter Gift Set (26 Pc) for $69.96. The store is also currently holding a liquidation sale to offload its inventory of older items which include the Silicone Oven Mitts Heat Resistant to 500 Degrees, 2 Pairs of Silicone Oven Mitt Pot Holders - 13.5 Inch and 14.75 Inch.

Roots To Table customers can also view the new branding and cheese board set on


For more information about Roots To Table, contact the company here:

Roots To Table
Alan Burton
228 West Oak loop
Cedar Creek Texas


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