Boise, Idaho’s Peppy Heating and Cooling has been taking care of the furnace needs of those in its area for many years now. That includes selling and installing quality new furnace systems and extending the life of existing furnaces by doing competent repairs on them. The company also announced that those who have been putting off getting a new furnace installed solely based on the cost involved will now find it easier than ever before to get furnace financing in Boise Idaho with Peppy Heating and Cooling’s help. That’s because this company has established more connections with furnace financing providers than ever before. It’s something that means a homeowner in Boise can now take advantage of the benefits a new furnace offers much sooner than they expected.

Brett Shannon, the President of Peppy Heating and Cooling, says, “Just about everyone can benefit by taking advantage of new furnace financing options for Boise homeowners. Some choose financing options so they can get the best furnace possible while others choose it because they prefer to have regularly scheduled payments. The best news is that it’s easy for someone to find out if they qualify for furnace financing and we can get them an answer in just a few minutes.”

American Standard High Efficiency Furnaces Boise Idaho

Shannon went on to talk about the benefits that installing a new furnace offers to those that make that purchase using financing. For one he says, it will allow many to buy a much nicer furnace model than if they pay for the entire cost of a new unit up front. He has seen on numerous occasions that when deciding on which furnace model to purchase, a homeowner will choose a furnace that they can afford as opposed to one that offers the highest efficiency. He gave as an example the high-efficiency furnaces they sell that are made by American Standard. These offer a much better return on investment than lower-priced models. That’s because they are such an energy-efficient furnace model that they will pay for themselves over time in energy bill savings. Scheduled financing payments will also take a much smaller bite out of a customer’s bank account initially which helps to ease some of the financial pressure on the homeowner. Furnace financing will also help a homeowner free up money to get other important needs or have the financial flexibility to buy a new furnace and still take that trip they have long been planning on.

The company president also mentioned that one should never overlook the importance of having a new furnace that will work when it’s called upon. This is not always the case with aging furnaces that have become less reliable. It’s something worth considering because he knows that nobody ever wants to be without heat on a cold Boise evening. Shannon also stated, “When someone finances a new furnace using our financial partners, they will get the best of both worlds. This includes a homeowner getting the best furnace for their needs while we provide them with the means to spread out the payments for that system over time. Those who come to us looking to finance their new furnace are always pleasantly surprised when they learn about the large number of financing solutions that we have to offer them.”

Those that have financed a new furnace through Peppy Heating and Cooling often state in reviews that was a decision they ended up being very happy with. Joseph Little proclaimed, “I chose Peppy Heating and Cooling to replace my 20-year-old furnace and air conditioner because they beat their competition in three categories. They came in at the lowest cost, the furnace unit I wanted was in stock, and they had the best financing options available. The install team was on time and very professional and finished in a reasonable amount of time too. I am very pleased with this company.”

Shannon welcomes customers to call him at any time during business hours at (208) 906-6928 to discuss furnace financing or any other furnace-related matters such as maintenance, installation, or repairs.


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