FL based Go Florida Title Loans would like to discuss the economic update that is about to make its mark in Orlando with their community. Orlando is about to unveil a new technology called ‘Digital Twin’ that developers say will change the way the city does business. The technology will take the physical world, digitize it and put it into a virtual world, opening up countless opportunities for business and other activities. The project has been underway for years with the help of a software developer called Unity. Learn more about the company here: https://gofloridatitleloans.com/locations/orlando-fl-32839/.

Orlando’s digital twin will be installed at the new Orlando Partnership headquarters located in downtown Orlando. It will consist of a 180 degree LED wall, along with a holographic image located in the middle. The digital twin will map out 800 square miles of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties, with 40 square miles of detailed representations (down to about 6” in resolution) which will allow users to zoom in and see details like traffic lines on the roads. Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership, says that this project will be the first in the world of its size — and the most detailed. With all the detail, resolution and data sources put into the project, it will be totally unique. The goal of the project is to create a real look at the area with data that updates in real time.

The project is meant to act as an example of what digital twins can do for the rest of the world, and the head of government aerospace with Unity Technologies explained that the project was a very interesting one to get involved with, especially since it allowed them to showcase their technology and demonstrate how it can be used outside of gaming. The project offers a nearly inexhaustible list of possibilities. The first phase will help market Orlando to companies interested in relocating, providing an even clearer idea of the city than platforms like Google Maps, such as can be found here: https://maps.google.com/maps?cid=16839000370273597633.

Giuliani asks interested parties to imagine that they are charged with the responsibility of a company’s expansion. Traditionally, one of the first moves here would be to bring a group of executives and tour between three to five cities. This is the normal process, he says. Once anyone arrives in Orlando, they have 24 hours to understand the market and the opportunities it offers, make connections and decide if it is a city that will provide what they need for a successful expansion.

The digital twin will get rid of the need for time-consuming site visits and provide important data on several aspects of its infrastructure and resources, such as transportation, utilities and the talent pool of workers in the area. The digital twin is also mobile, with virtual reality headsets being used to show executives what it would be like to live and work in Orlando without them ever having to leave their current office to visit the city. It is the next step in data presentation, being a viable alternative to PowerPoint slides. Instead of explaining data with images, the digital twin will allow executives to simply ‘visit’ the place and see for themselves.

Outside of business applications, the digital twin can help Florida leaders prepare for disasters. Climate change will likely have a profound effect on Orlando and other cities, but with a bit more data, the digital twin can help people predict and plan around the effects of climate change or other disasters. The second phase of the project will combine lots of data from different organizations and create a more collaborative data collection experience as opposed to a single company collecting data. As it collects more and more data, the project becomes more and more effective and increases in value, which in turn draws in more partners who in turn supply data as well.

The Orlando Economic Partnership has invested a million dollars into the project. As more funding arrives, the project will continue to develop. In the future, people will be able to pull up information on certain places in real time, making navigation many times easier.

A representative for Go Florida Title Loans says, "We encourage this growth in the area and look forward to assisting in any way we can." As a Florida based company, they are excited to see what the digital twin project will do for the city and for Florida as a whole. Go here for more information on Go Florida Title Loans and their services in Orlando.


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