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San Francisco, CA based HODL is pleased to announce the launch of the HODL Hands NFT collection on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After many requests from their community and discreet NFT enthusiasts wishing for HODL to further their involvement in this industry, the wait is over.

The HODL Hands NFT collection is the product of numerous artists who have contributed their time, energy and creativity to generate this iconic 10K NFT range. As engaging and captivating as any other NFT range one might care to think of, those familiar with HODL, the NFT industry or both can now get their hands on no fewer than 20 NFTs at just 0.3 BNB each (gas fee not included). As one may infer, they will all be minted on Binance Smart Chain, which HODL believes is the perfect platform for this range.

HODL explains that their initial plan was to launch on the Ethereum network. By migrating to Binance Smart Chain, however, they realized they were able to reduce gas fees on minting by a considerable degree as well as when transferring the HODL Hands.

Users buying with BNB will incur a gas charge to mint the NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain network, but HODL assures that this generally amounts to a little less than $1 per NFT. The network offers an option to pay via debit or credit card, known as NFTPay 'pay on card,' and those who opt for this will be charged the equivalent of 0.3 BNB (based on the market price of BNB at the time purchased) along with an additional 7% card fee.

Since NFT veterans and newcomers alike may want to know how these NFTs are constructed, HODL has wasted no time sharing the pertinent details. Each and every HODL hand is crafted with six properties: Stump, Wrist, Palm, Skin and Background. Similarly, each property has traits that may appear depending on six levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. Finally, HODL says that the HODL Hands NFTs use a normal distribution model (also known as a gaussian curve).

Further, HODL believes that items in this collection will carry a vast degree of utility in the future, especially since interested parties will soon be able to stake HODL Hands via the HODLX DEX to earn $HODL or $HODLX. Among other outcomes, the company says the current plan for utility includes exclusive access to play to earn gaming, boosted APR rates on the HODLX DEX and integration into Texas HODL'em poker. HODL adds that they were able to accomplish this as a result of their decision to launch the HODL Hands NFTs on BSC instead of the Ethereum network. The potential of these NFTs is staggering, and the company expects them to generate a great deal of interest in the NFT space, especially given their unmistakable appearance and the crypto-centric history that inspired them.

Purchasing any HODL Hands NFT is as easy as connecting a wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network and making a selection. Since some NFTs are likely to be far more rare and correspondingly more valuable) than others, HODL advises their community to get involved sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there is some room for error since each account can purchase up to a maximum of 20 NFTs (with 1 being the minimum). The NFTs an account receives will be randomly selected from the full range of 10,000 unique pieces, so buyers will stand a decent chance of discovering ultra-rare items. They can choose to either hold onto these NFTs or sell them off again on a third-party site. HODL says the account must have an active wallet, with a collectibles function, to receive the NFTs automatically. Once a purchase has been made, the NFT in question will be visible in the collectibles section of the buyer’s wallet.

HODL is deeply invested in their community, and their team regularly hosts discussions and shares commentary on the crypto space on several platforms. Those who want to see what the company and their peers have to say are welcome to join the HODL Telegram group to get started.


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

Adam Roberts
1460 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103


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