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Los Angeles, Ca., HopeFest LA, the Los Angeles branch of Hope California announces its scheduled events, music festival, car show, highlighted speakers, location, and list of free services intended to bring hope to the community during the Easter season. Hope California, is a convergence of movements, charities, organizations, churches and supporters coming together to make HopeFest LA a reality.

On April 2nd, 2023, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be host to this year’s HopeFest LA. This is a family-friendly upbeat festival that includes LIVE music, food, a car show, giveaways, and messages of HOPE. Attendees will hear from actors, artists and other influencers who have experienced hope and freedom from personal struggles. Resources from mental health and addiction recovery organizations will be available.

“Almost daily, we hear news of another mass murder, school shooting, increased poverty, child abuse, homelessness, suicide, racial divisions, addiction, human trafficking, and, now, pandemics. But there is HOPE!” stated Mando Matthews, the director and founder of Hope California.

Mando goes on to use one of the special guest speakers, Fast and Furious actor Noel G., as an example. “You have this famous actor who has been in like over 150 movies, and everyone seems to know him. People may know his movies but what they don’t know about him is that he was abandoned by his parents when he was a child. He went from foster care to homelessness to living a criminal life. God sent positive people and acting into his life and saved him. Now, he wants to give hope back to people who feel abandoned and tell them that he understands. As a former gang member, he can talk to gang members, and they will listen. Noel G. will be bringing 10 famous cars from the movies that will be featured at the festival for the community to enjoy.”

According to Hope California, their supporters originate from all walks of life and will be there to help people from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, former gang members, former prostitutes, millionaires, active community groups and everyday moms are just some of the people that compose the vast range of supporters who will be there to provide aid and inspiration for those in need.

At HopeFest LA, attendees will have access to free haircuts, free health screenings, a variety of giveaways as well as distribution of free food. For more information on how to register for a free ticket for this year’s HopeFest LA, please visit:


For more information about Hope California, contact the company here:

Hope California
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1443 E. Washington Blvd,
#610, Pasadena CA
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