Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada has recently published a set of three articles to provide more information about their new addiction treatment facilities in Nevada and serve as a trusted resource for alcohol and drug rehab in Nevada. The first article presents the mission of Icarus to provide evidence-based, individualized treatment for the whole range of substance use and mental health disorders. The second article takes a look at drug and alcohol detox as the foundation for substance abuse treatment. The third article serves as a guide on dual diagnosis treatment.

A spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada says, “We strive to become a provider of choice for the clients, families, and the community we serve. We do this by providing the highest quality of evidence-based, individualized treatment for a full range of mental health and substance use disorders. For residents of our home state and beyond, we constantly strive to be the most trusted among all choices for rehabs in Nevada.”

A client gets help at Icarus Behavioral Health a top choice for Nevada addiction treatment centers

The newly built and specifically remodeled facilities have been designed to provide high quality behavioral health services in Nevada. Every aspect of their physical setting and location has been carefully decided on to offer a warm and caring environment for people struggling with addiction.

In the article about safe and effective detoxification from substances, they explain how drug and alcohol detox is the first step and the foundation for effective treatment for substance use issues. Detox gets rid of all traces of alcohol and drugs from the body to enable the patient to have a fresh start. Its goal is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and prepare oneself for longer-term rehab treatment.

The detox process can be dangerous if it is not done correctly, which is why it is essential to undergo detox under the close supervision of healthcare professionals. Thus, detox programs are usually held in inpatient treatment facilities or a hospital-like setting. Addiction treatment professionals will be monitoring those who are undergoing detox 24/7, especially during the early stages of withdrawal and detox. In some cases, some individuals may be provided with individual or group therapy to prepare them for the next stage of treatment.

Meanwhile, some people struggling with an addiction may have a dual diagnosis, which is very serious because of the simultaneous existence of both an addiction and a mental health disorder. For instance, an individual suffering from bipolar disorder may turn to drink alcohol as a way to self-medicate. However, bipolar disorder will worsen and the individual is more likely to drink more and abuse alcohol. Furthermore, dual diagnosis has the tendency to be misdiagnosed and untreated because the symptoms of each problem tend to be hidden by the symptoms of the other. Some of the types of mental health issues that tend to co-occur with substance use disorders are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and psychotic disorders.

A dual diagnosis treatment center, such as the one provided by Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, has the goal of offering comprehensive care to address both the addiction and the underlying mental health issue. It is by treating the whole person instead of just the substance use disorder, patients can get on track toward long-term recovery.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada offers individualized and evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab treatment services in Nevada. Their compassionate staff members are leveraging their skills and experience, including the strengths of their location, especially with the beautiful landscape of Nevada, to provide the best possible recovery experience for all of their clients. They combine evidence-based approaches with integrative therapies to offer the most effective treatments for addiction and mental health problems. They offer a complete range of care for people who are 18 years old and above and they offer the highest level of inpatient detox and mental health stabilization services available through their outpatient programs and continuing care.

Those who are interested in learning more about the rehab programs provided by Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada and those who want to learn more about their newly launched rehab services, such as proven methods for treating co occurring disorders, can check out their website or contact them via email.


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