Destination Paradise is a YouTube channel that has quickly become popular for the stunning high-resolution drone videos that it posts of scenic locations all over the world. Part of the appeal of this service is that its videos have tranquil and calming music playing in the background. Something that makes for a very peaceful and relaxing video watching experience. The company has now decided to take this quality video experience to a whole new level by adding inspirational quotes into the mix. Greg Webster, Destination Paradise’s creator, says, “We here at Destination Paradise have been so pleased with the reception our unique and calming since we first introduced them. Along with that satisfaction came the inspiration to get even more creative with our videos of scenic locations from all over the world. Evidence of that is we have now added inspirational quotes into some of our videos. We feel this will add to our videos ability to help inspire others to stay positive and relax no matter what’s going on in their daily lives.”

This new Destination Paradise video that features famous motivational quotes set to ambient music and beautiful drone footage was set in Iceland. A place that is breathtaking in its own right even without calming music playing in the background and inspirational quotes being interjected into the experience. During its 1-hour duration, a viewer can take a magical drone trip to such places as the remote islands of Iceland and even some beautiful glacial scenes. Webster says that they also took great care when adding inspirational quotes not to overwhelm the beautiful drone video shots with them. Instead, they will play for a few seconds just showing scenery and then every once in a while, the inspirational quotes will come up. Some of the inspirational quotes that are found in the video are ones such as Sir Isaac Newton’s “If I have seen further than others it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of giants” and Maya Angelou’s “My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Also quoted were Milton Berle’s “If opportunity doesn’t knock then build a door” and Desmond Tutu’s “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Webster added, “Inspirational quotes are so important to have on hand to remind us of the good in the world. If you are looking for some new ones, this video has quotes from some of my favorite authors, thinkers, and actors. Many of those that have written to me about this new video feel that this amazing Iceland drone footage (shot in 4K) with inspirational quotes and ambient music makes for a very relaxing and uplifting video viewing experience.”

According to Webster, he feels that this new dimension will only add to the popularity of their videos. He says their service already goes to great lengths to obtain the highest quality drone videos available. Many of which are shot in not only the most popular areas of the countries they are filmed in but also in some of the most remote and picturesque areas too. Some of these areas could not ever be easily reached by land and drone footage helps overcome that. Their viewers get to take in some sights in many countries that no one could see otherwise. The company’s creator says that this is just one of the reasons why their beautiful and relaxing videos are so appealing.

The new video with inspirational quotes comes on the heels of several other videos the service has posted on YouTube that are inspiring, scenic, and calming all at the same time. That includes drone video footage titled ‘Bali Indonesia - Relaxing music along with beautiful nature videos’ and another called ‘Switzerland 4K Scenic Mountain Nature Drone Relaxation with Ambient Music. Webster ended by saying that his YouTube viewers can expect even more breathtaking drone videos set to ambient music that will also include inspirational quotes.


For more information about Destination Paradise, contact the company here:

Destination Paradise
Greg Webster
2292 J Warren Road
Cornelia GA 30531


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