Intercoastal Public Adjusters has announced that it has opened a new location in Dallas, TX, bringing its well-reviewed high-quality services to clients in the Lone Star State.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas Fort Worth can assist residential and commercial customers with their insurance claims. The company is fully certified by the state of Texas (TX License: 2577104) to represent policyholders during claims discussions with insurance providers. It has extensive experience in the areas of construction, roofing, insurance adjusting, restoration, and public adjusting that it uses to educate property owners, especially those who have suffered tremendous losses in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Irma, and more.

public adjusters dallas tx

Intercoastal Public Adjusters helps clients understand the finer details of their insurance policy, document the damage to estimate the losses and cost of repairs, and organize the claim application process to make a settlement offer on their behalf. Property owners get pertinent advice from seasoned insurance industry professionals who can help them maximize their claims. Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas also draws on the experience of its talented staff of insurance adjusters to ensure that the claim is watertight, thus saving its clients both time and money.

Frankie Martinez, the spokesperson for Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas talks about the company’s services in Texas by saying, “Insurance contracts are intentionally drawn up to be as complicated as possible, with a lot of gotchas, to throw off policyholders and reduce the company’s liability. They want you to make mistakes and engage in lengthy back and forth because they hope that you will give up and take any settlement that they offer. Don’t fall into this trap. With our experienced adjusters by your side, you will get accurately documented proof of your damaged property that lets you know exactly what you are owed. We also work alongside you to ensure the claim is filed and processed properly and on time and you are indemnified to the full extent of your insurance policy. In short, you get the best people in the industry working to help you succeed following a harrowing experience. Call our Dallas Fort Worth office today or fill out the contact form on our website to get started.”

The contact form on Intercoastal Public Adjusters’ website, asks visitors to enter the usual contact information such as name, email address, and phone number followed by the type of damage claim they want to file including flood damage, fire damage, wind damage, and storm surges. Potential clients also have to provide information about the type of property they own or represent including residential homes, condos, commercial properties, and HOAs. Finally, any additional relevant information can also be entered in the contact form to give the company’s insurance adjusters an overview of the client’s current situation.

The reviews that the company has received for its services from customers across the nation talk about how its adjusters were able to spot damages that insurance company adjusters completely missed. Reviewers also praise the company’s responsive customer service and helpful staff that answers all of their questions regarding the typically obtuse claims process.

One Google review for the company’s services in North Carolina says, “After Hurricane Florence, we had extensive yard, roof, and interior damage to our home. The team at Intercoastal was essential in working with my insurance company to obtain coverage for repairs and replacements. Michael gives superior advice and guides you through the process. The insurance company would have minimized the damage and I would not have been able to move back into my house without their help. I have referred others to ICPA with similar success. Thanks for all the help in a long sticky process.”

Intercoastal Public Adjusters is licensed and certified to offer its services in several US states including NC, NH, SC, FL, RI, MA, CT, VA, TX, IL, and GA. Readers can reach out to the company at (945) 221-5085 or write to it at


For more information about Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas, contact the company here:

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Dallas
Frankie Martinez
2217 Splendor Crt
Arlington TX 76010


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