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Santa Clara, CA based Interview Kickstart is pleased to share a review from a student who used its lessons to further their career goals. Since 2014, the institution has been training engineers with a focus on making a strong impact during interviews, and it currently boasts more than 15,000 alumni. Learn more about the initiative here:

In a review now proudly shared on Interview Kickstart’s official website, Aliya M. shares, “Interview Kickstart's program met all my expectations. They have well-selected problems to practice, good coaches and practice interview opportunities. All the staff are very responsive and approachable, they are like family now. They guide you and give excellent recommendations every step of the way.”

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This review also serves to underscore the fact that many students participate in courses while dealing with a host of other responsibilities. Interview Kickstart is accustomed to giving students every opportunity they need to excel, and many are able to attest to the success of this approach.

Aliya continues, “I started the program while eight months pregnant, and gave birth literally in the middle of the initial two-month coursework. The outcome depends solely on the student, the more diligent you are, the better results you get. I was able to get about 5-6 competing offers, including a couple from FAANG. I am very happy for all the support and confidence IK has given me! I joined Apple after completing the course.”

Interested parties are welcome to take a look at feedback from the institution’s other students if they wish to see what its courses can accomplish in real-world scenarios.

Founded in 2014, the institution’s courses represent a new way for many to tackle the demanding interview process and make an impact with prospective employers. Competition for the best spots is notoriously fierce in the associated industries, and the intricacies of an interview can mean an otherwise excellent candidate may be overlooked in favor of one whose gap in qualifications may be compensated by better presentation or interpersonal skills.

However, Interview Kickstart acknowledges that many will be curious about the courses’ value proposition, especially with regard to its pricing. To this end, it is making an effort to help students understand what a course may cost and why they should give this option some serious consideration.

To begin with, students should be aware that a number of courses are available, spanning a variety of domains, roles and so on. The institution is extremely proud to highlight that each of its courses are taught by FAANG+ experts in the respective domain, covering data engineering, machine learning, back-end engineering, full stack engineering, engineering management and more.

As previously announced, the cost (and duration) of each course, as a result, will depend on a variety of factors that are unique to the student. In addition to focusing on their domain, a course may be tailored according to the student’s experience and target role, the specific pathway they choose and so on.The subjects covered focus on what's needed to succeed in top tech interviews and do well in those roles.

Interview Kickstart’s instructors are hiring managers and technical leads at FAANG companies, meaning they offer students a wealth of insight into what interviewers are looking for - and how to meet (and exceed) these metrics. A student’s education will range from the relatively simple, such as optimizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, to the technical, such as data structures, systems design, core domain topics, algorithms, and more.

If a student still needs to be convinced, they may be interested to learn that Interview Kickstart maintains a post-program support period for all students. Also, alums who upleveled got an average salary hike of 66.5%.

Engineers who wish to invest in their future and careers are welcome to contact the company by writing to them at The institution also makes it a point to host webinars on a regular basis that cover most details regarding course content, costs and so on. To learn more visit


For more information about Interview Kickstart, contact the company here:

Interview Kickstart
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