Tulsa, OK 74136 — Jarvis International, a leading provider of security and investigative services, announces a groundbreaking partnership with local law enforcement agencies aimed at enhancing public safety in communities across the nation. This collaboration will leverage Jarvis International's expertise and advanced technology to support law enforcement efforts in crime prevention, investigations, and emergency response.

Recognizing the importance of strong public-private partnerships in addressing modern security challenges, Jarvis International and local law enforcement agencies will work closely to share information, resources, and best practices. This collaboration will enable both parties to identify and address potential security threats more effectively, ensuring the well-being of citizens and the overall safety of the community.

Jarvis International Partners with Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Enhance Public Safety

Key initiatives of the partnership include:

Joint Training Programs: Jarvis International and law enforcement agencies will develop and participate in joint training programs focused on emerging security threats, advanced investigative techniques, and crisis management.

Crime Prevention and Analysis: By sharing valuable data and insights, both parties will be better equipped to analyze and identify crime patterns, implement proactive measures, and allocate resources efficiently.

Enhanced Emergency Response: The partnership will facilitate improved coordination between Jarvis International's rapid response team and local law enforcement agencies during emergency situations, resulting in faster and more effective response times.

Community Engagement: Jarvis International and law enforcement agencies will work together on community outreach programs, promoting public safety awareness and fostering stronger relationships between law enforcement, businesses, and residents.

"We are proud to partner with local law enforcement agencies to enhance public safety and protect our communities," said Stephen Stimson, CEO of Jarvis International. "This collaboration will allow us to pool our expertise and resources, ensuring a safer and more secure future for everyone."


For more information about Jarvis Inc, contact the company here:

Jarvis Inc
Stephen Stimson
(918) 437-1100
7130 S. Lewis Ave, Suite 310
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136


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