Lice Charmers Lice Treatment Houston has increased its lice removal area to service more Houston homes and families in need of in-home lice treatment. The company has successfully treated thousands of clients and decided it was time to expand to the Houston area because of great demand created by clinics that closed up due to the pandemic.

Lice Charmers years of clinical experience is utilized by childcare, medical, and educational organizations. The lice service says: “We planned to grow in the Houston area because lice are so prevalent there and families seek the privacy, comfort, and convenience that an at-home service offers. In-home lice removal makes it easy to get rid of lice for good."

Many parents struggle with head lice and aren’t aware there are professional lice services available. Unfortunately the problem has only become worse as head lice are commonplace among school-age children. Lice Charmers Lice Removal Houston has been treating families in their homes for several years and has now expanded its service area to include a wider radius.

Lice Charmers developed a chemical-free, evidence-based protocol years ago. Treatments are so effective that Lice Charmers offers a full guarantee that the service works.

Lice Charmers also offers the personal touch of a local head lice clinic by hiring locally from medical professionals. A company representative says, "We understand how upset parents can be when they learn that their children have lice and our technicians offer expertise and support to families during a challenging time. Education is key for families and we show them how to identify and treat lice and how to help to prevent re-infestation."

Houston Texas Cities Serviced by Lice Charmers: Katy, TX; Cypress, TX; Sugar Land TX; Pearland, TX: League City, TX: Cypress, TX: Spring, TX.

Lice Charmers's service is fully guaranteed and has earned five stars from Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. Same day appointments are available in Houston at 281-606-3655. Clients can find Lice Charmers in Houston Texas online at


For more information about Lice Charmers, contact the company here:

Lice Charmers
Conor Duggan
Houston, TX


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