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The Haslet branch of Milestone Church is happy to announce Prepare, a church-wide prayer event in January. Prepare is intentionally planned to take place at the beginning of January each year to serve as a reminder to prioritize God and explore everything He has to give to those who are seeking Him. In order to encourage people to seek God first, the members of Milestone Church will practice their faith by praying for people's homes and places of employment, the church, cities, and nation.

Milestone Church is pleased to host three outstanding speakers this year. With unique messages for starting the new year pursuing Christ, Chris Hodges, Founding and Senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands, Steve Robinson, Pastor of Church of the King, and Robert Madu, Lead Pastor of Social Dallas will all be speaking at the event.

Prepare takes place January 9-11 and involves three days of fasting and prayer. A prayer guide is available each night in the worship area or online at Milestonechurch.com/prepare. The entire church will fast together during this time. Everyone is encouraged to fast collectively starting on Monday morning and lasting through Wednesday night's final Prepare service, according to Milestone Church.

Throughout Prepare, a prayer wall will be displayed. Everyone present is encouraged to write down their purpose for believing and fasting and pin it to the wall. The team of Milestone Church will pray for each request on the wall both during the week and during services.

Anyone wishing to participate can join in person at Milestone Church’s Haslet Campus, or online at live.milestonechurch.com.

Ways to Attend Prepare: Pre-Service Prayer 6PM-6:45PM, or Nightly Service 7PM-8:30PM. Keller: Keller Campus: January 9th - 11th, Haslet: Cinnamon Creek Ranch: January 9th - 11th, McKinney: McKinney Campus: January 9th - 11th.

Milestone Church is a life-giving, bible-centered, and Spirit-filled church with campuses in Keller, Haslet, and McKinney, TX.

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For more information about Milestone Church Haslet Campus, contact the company here:

Milestone Church Haslet Campus
Amanda Dunaway
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1069 Eagle Blvd,
Haslet, TX 76052


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