The Law Offices of Ryan Garry - Criminal Lawyer, a law firm with a team of award-winning Minneapolis criminal defense lawyers, has posted videos on the Reel Lawyers website to discuss various criminal defense topics. These topics include: advice from criminal law masters of the courtroom, hiring a criminal defense lawyer, drug crimes, expungement, sex crimes, and other criminal defense topics.

The law firm of Ryan Garry can help individuals accused of: drug crimes, murder, federal crimes, white collar crimes, DUI, DWI, arson, criminal sexual conduct, burglary, robbery, domestic assault, assault, securities fraud, mail fraud, manslaughter, RICO, money laundering, identity fraud, and healthcare fraud.

Minnesota criminal defense lawyer

Ryan Garry says, “Our firm has a proven track record for getting results for clients. When looking to hire a criminal lawyer nearby your location, we understand your concerns and we understand them well. No one wants inferior service when they are involved in a life changing situation. We pride ourselves with only bringing the best to the table with qualified and experienced lawyers who have built a solid reputation with great results for our clients.”

The first set of videos offers advice to people who are facing a criminal charge. These include: what to do if falsely accused of a crime; what makes a successful criminal defense lawyer; whether it is advisable to talk to the prosecutor; what to do if arrested; differences between petty versus gross misdemeanor; the types of criminal cases that can be handled by Ryan Garry; whether it is advisable to hire a private investigator; the first jury trials; the future of criminal defense; the fourth amendment; and what it means to be a part of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

With regards to drug crimes, the videos focus on how Ryan Garry - Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney is challenging marijuana laws in Minnesota and what to do when pulled over by the police and they want to search the car. The videos on expungement include: an informative video on what can be accomplished by an expungement; whether all prior crimes can be expunged; and the timetable for expungement of different levels of offense.

On hiring a criminal defense lawyer, the videos focus on: questions to ask a potential criminal defense lawyer; qualities to look for in a criminal defense lawyer; what Ryan Garry enjoys about practicing criminal defense law; and why it is essential to hire a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense law. On sex crimes, the videos focus on: what to do if charged with criminal sexual conduct and the circumstances under which a person charged with criminal sexual conduct will need to register as a predatory sex offender.

On other criminal defense topics, the videos focus on: what to do when the police knock on the door with a search warrant; Ryan Garry’s plan A and plan B for clients who are going through challenging times; what to do when charged with a felony; and whether to cooperate with the police and answer their questions after getting arrested.

Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Lawyers offers criminal defense representation for individuals and businesses who have been accused of serious crimes by state or federal prosecutors. Ryan Garry belongs to an elite group of attorneys who have been certified as Criminal Law Specialists by the Minnesota State Bar Association. At present, this certification has only been awarded to less than 3 percent of all Minnesota criminal defense lawyers. Also, every criminal lawyer in the firm is either a Rising Star Superlawyer or a Superlawyer. Ryan has also won the Top 100 Lawyer in Minnesota award, every year from 2018 to 2022. The firm has also been receiving a significant amount of five star reviews. On Google, they currently have an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars after receiving 150 reviews.

Those who are interested in getting the services of criminal lawyers can visit the website of The Law Offices of Ryan Garry or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


For more information about Ryan Garry LLC, contact the company here:

Ryan Garry LLC
Ryan Garry
(612) 436-3051
Ryan Garry LLC, Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys
SPS Tower
333 S 7th St #2350
Minneapolis, MN 55402


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