Evolve Therapy (www.evolvetherapymn.com), located in Plymouth, MN, announced their hire of intern Makai Dorfman. Dorfman, who’s official title is Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, has expressed interest in couples counseling and emotionally focused therapy.

Dorfman is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at University of Wisconsin-Stout with an expected graduation in the spring of 2023. Dorfman has completed the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, through the Sounds True Institute and University of California at Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

Makai Dorfman - Evolve Therapy

Before pursuing a career in counseling, Dorfman worked as an educator with children and families in a variety of settings over the last 15 years. Additionally, Dorfman currently holds an M.A in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC and a Bachelor’s in Environment Design from the University of MN-Twin Cities.

Currently, Dorfman’s clinical interests includes marriage/relationship stress and issues, pre-martial counseling, co-dependency, interracial/intercultural challenges, mixed-race/multi-cultural identity, family therapy, teen counseling, relational trauma and attachment issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+, grief and loss, shame and belonging, nervous system regulation, as well as spirituality and religion.

Dorfman notes his life experiences lend to his interest in counseling, especially multi-ethnic counseling. Dorfman states, “I come from a multicultural and ethnic background and identify as a Mexican-American man with Jewish ancestry from both the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Although it has not always been an easy task locating myself socially, as it changes geographically, I have deep appreciation for my multi-cultural heritage and am constantly looking at both my privilege and difference in each context I am in. I aspire to be an ally for BIPOC individuals, especially those who are navigating interracial relationships, race-based trauma, and other struggles that come from living in a white-dominated culture and society.”

Dorfman comments, “As we work together, it is important that we move at a pace that you set. I recognize that it is not always easy to share from a place of vulnerability, especially when there has been a history of trauma. Know that I have every intention to move slowly and ask permission when exploring particularly sensitive topics. You can trust that you will be held in a non-judgmental space and one in which your full self and your partnership—with any fear or uncertainty— is welcome.”

Outside of the office, Dorfman enjoys the outdoors—whether walking in the forest, biking, or gardening. Additionally, music has been a part of my life since a very young age and I am filled when I am playing guitar and singing with friends or dancing at live shows. Self-growth and healing has always been an important value of Dorfman. He notes, “I have sought to live and be of service in the world with deep care and intention. I have attended several Vipassana and mindfulness meditation retreats for the last 12 years and have engaged in a variety of other spiritual practices and techniques including chanting, yoga, dance, journaling, and more.”

Dorfman is the 3rd hire this year in 2022. According to Renee Segal, owner of Evolve Therapy, “It’s great to be able to help people find deeper meaning in their relationships.”

Evolve Therapy assists couples both individuals and couples in identifying and acknowledging the underlying emotions that impact the relationship and is especially beneficial for people who find themselves repeatedly arguing about chores, responsibilities, money, jealousy, infidelity, sex, or parenting issues.

For those interested in learning more about Makai or the counseling services provided by Evolve Therapy, visit their website or connect with them on Instagram.


For more information about Evolve Therapy, contact the company here:

Evolve Therapy
Renee Segal
9800 Shelard Parkway Suite 115
Plymouth, MN 55441


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