ID based PuroClean of Post Falls is reminding local homeowners and businesses of the need to begin remediation procedures immediately if mold is detected on the property. Mold can spread extremely quickly, which means a quick response is necessary to minimize property damage.

As a family-owned company, PuroClean understands how important it is to keep homes and small businesses free of mold. The company’s residential customers have much to be concerned about, including the potential health effects caused by mold spores and the amount of penetrating damage mold can cause on certain surfaces in a short period, but a business can also lose customers and have to shut down completely if a prominent mold infestation is discovered.

Property Damage Restoration Company Post Falls Idaho

Larger corporations may not suffer much as a result of such closures, but the shutdown of a home or a small business can either leave a family virtually homeless or eliminate their primary income for the duration of remediation procedures. PuroClean is committed to ensuring this does not happen, and this is why they encourage customers to get in touch at any time if they have even the smallest suspicion that their property has a mold infestation.

“Mold can take no more than 24 to 48 hours to grow,” the company explains, “so it is crucial that you talk to us as soon as possible to begin mold remediation. Unfortunately, the affected material will not be salvageable, but our prompt arrival can mean you have to lose nothing else. We can remove mold in the safest manner possible, eliminating any risk to you or ourselves, and we will find the source of the water that led to their growth to begin with. That issue will also be taken care of before we give your home a clean bill of health.”

PuroClean is a local property damage restoration company that provides a variety of remediation services, including water, fire, mold and so on. As such, the company has a great deal of experience working in all types of environments, and they say some types of damage can lead to others.

For instance, mold is present throughout the environment, and it would be impossible to totally remove it, either from a house or its surroundings. At all times, it can be expected that mold spores are floating through both outdoor and indoor air. However, these spores need certain conditions to grow: including a source of food and water. Mold can grow on any organic material, so it can be found on paper or wood products, cardboard, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpets, upholstery and more. Since these items cannot be eliminated from a home, efforts must focus on controlling the presence of the other.

PuroClean says residents must keep an eye on any locations that carry water in their residences and other buildings. If it has a source of food, mold can grow anywhere there is excess moisture, such as those caused by leaks from pipes, roofs, windows and so on. If a property is known to have a persistent mold problem, PuroClean will make every effort to locate the source of the moisture and correct it. This is why the company says the presence of mold can also indicate pre-existing water damage.

In some cases, such as during a flood or a burst pipe, the water damage to a property may be extensive. Here, PuroClean strongly recommends that residents call the company’s home remediation experts so that this damage can be addressed immediately as well. If allowed to linger, the excess moisture can lead to a secondary issue: mold. This would cause more damage — and be more expensive to fix.

The company says many customers’ properties have been rescued as much by their decision to waste no time calling for professional help as they were by the team’s measures. As Greg B. says, “PuroClean of Post Falls really came through for us when we needed help. A plumbing leak caused all kinds of havoc in our house and lives. The crew was responsive, respectful of our home and time and performed thorough and neat work. I highly recommend them.”

More recently, Daniel L. shares that, “PuroClean of Post Falls did an excellent job restoring my home. Their team was professional, efficient and knowledgeable. They were able to remove all traces of water damage and leave my home looking like new. I highly recommend their services.”

Anyone who suspects serious water damage anywhere on their property or has spotted mold may contact PuroClean of Post Falls to begin the process of remediation. The company can be reached fastest over the phone, but they also respond to inquiries sent via email and social media.


For more information about PuroClean of Post Falls, contact the company here:

PuroClean of Post Falls
Mark Davis
(208) 508-2300
PuroClean of Post Falls
Post Falls, ID 83854


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