Mortgage Investors Group of Knoxville has been helping hard-working Tennesseans buy and move into their dream homes since 1989. The company is promoting the residential mortgage services that it offers in the Volunteer State and is encouraging those interested in purchasing a property to contact it for further details.

A spokesperson for Mortgage Investors Group of Knoxville talks about the company’s residential mortgage services by saying, “In April 2022, the median sale price for a Tennessee home was just shy of $400,000. This is a staggering 23.8% year-on-year growth. With inflation rearing its ugly head and the federal mortgage rates reaching highs that they hadn’t seen for over a decade, there is no way that someone with an average household income will be able to afford a home in the state without some additional help. When you are looking for a mortgage, there is a good chance that you qualify for assistance from the government. Even if you are not eligible for government assistance, depending on your current income and future income potential, you may be able to score a better deal today and save money in the long run. Our experienced mortgage advisors can analyze your housing needs and existing financial ability and present you with a cornucopia of mortgage plans that meet your requirements and secure your future. Once you choose the Mortgage Investors Group of Knoxville, we will be with you during every step of the process. We will provide you with a checklist of documents for approvals, the paperwork required for the mortgage, and even give you a detailed overview of what to expect when closing a mortgage. Whether you are seeking a conventional mortgage, appraisal services, reverse mortgage, refinancing, government mortgage, or a jumbo mortgage, having a partner like Mortgage Investors Group of Knoxville on your side is going to greatly simplify your hunt for your dream home.”

Mortgage Investors Group of Knoxville

Mortgage Investors Group is the largest independent provider of single-family mortgages in Tennessee. Founded in Knoxville, today it has 26 branches all over the state. The company now has a team of over 450 employees helping clients across the Southeast get the help they need to afford the property they have their sights on. To date, the company has served over 125 thousand clients and has made available more than $20 billion in mortgages.

The team at Mortgage Investors Group has been recognized time and time again for its high-quality services. In 2018, the Courthouse Retrieval Systems deemed it to be the #1 Residential Mortgage Lender in Tennessee. The company has been the Tennessee Housing Development Agency's (THDA) top mortgage provider annually since 2003. It has also been Tennessee’s leading USDA mortgage provider every year since 2014.

The recognition from prestigious outlets is validated by the reception it has received from clients on its Google My Business page. Mortgage Investors Group sits at an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from over 100 reviews. One 5-star review from a happy client says, “Brian Thorne is amazing. He answered all our questions and responded super-fast every time. This man should be your go-to! Call and ask for Brian!” The company’s page is filled with many more such customer reviews which praise its ability to explain intricate financial details, the professionalism of its team members, and the wide range of financing and refinancing services that it offers.

The company also provides a lot of helpful resources on its website for first-time home buyers. For example, it has an in-depth glossary of the many different types of mortgages that home buyers in Tennessee can avail of. It has also published a range of articles that educate readers on common industry parlance to help them get ready for the mortgage application process. One of the most useful resources on Mortgage Investors Group’s website is a mortgage calculator where applicants can get a rough estimate of how much they can expect to pay each month based on the cost of the property they have in mind.

Readers looking for residential mortgage services in Knoxville can contact Mortgage Investors Group at (800) 489-8910.


For more information about Mortgage Investors Group Knoxville, contact the company here:

Mortgage Investors Group Knoxville
Jennifer Torgeson
(865) 691-8910
Mortgage Investors Group
8320 E Walker Springs Ln
Knoxville, TN 37923


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