Naples divorce attorney Russell Knight ( releases a new article discussing how divorce attorneys in Naples, Florida offer a free consultation. The lawyer mentions that a lot of divorce lawyers in Florida do not offer a free consultation. Typically, a free consultation is offered by a divorce lawyer depending on the kind of consultation the person is looking for.

“My office here in Naples, Florida offers free consultations largely because I was used to offering free consultations at my Chicago, Illinois family law firm. Chicago’s market was extremely competitive with hundreds and hundreds of divorce lawyers competing for tens of thousands of clients. I am glad to offer a more boutique service here in Naples, Florida but I still provide a very similar free consultation to my Florida clients as I did to my Chicago clients,” says the Naples divorce attorney.

Naples divorce attorney

The lawyer explains that in his law firm, his staff would first send the client an intake sheet where the client may put information about their financial life and the broad aspects of it as well as details about their minor children. Attorney Knight then adds that he usually tells his clients to “begin at the end”. This phrase means that the final documents need to be prepared before the initial petition for the dissolution of marriage is prepared.

Attorney Russell Knight adds that the only risk involved when it comes to preparing final documents at the beginning is that the client may not have access to all the financial information immediately. However, the final documents do not have to be completed yet.

In the article, attorney Russell Knight also mentions that paid divorce lawyer consultations are common in Naples, Florida. Paid consultations are usually appropriate for both the lawyer and the client if the purpose of the consultation is to educate the client on what might happen if they did file for a divorce.

According to the divorce lawyer, “Every Divorce lawyer in Naples, FL went to an undergraduate university for four years, law school for 3 years, and then took a multi-day bar exam to be certified to answer questions about divorce in Florida. Subsequently, most of us have practiced family law to the exclusion of any other kind of law for years. It is incredibly difficult to provide a detailed strategy in advance of divorce in just a few moments. In these situations, a paid consultation is absolutely warranted.”

Lastly, attorney Knight emphasizes the importance of having a competent lawyer who can explain the complicated nature of Florida's divorce laws. A skilled lawyer may be able to help clients understand their rights when it comes to getting a divorce.

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