New York, NY and Lagos, Nigeria December 14, 2022 – Blockstation Inc. in partnership with the NASD OTC Exchange, Sophus Consulting and leading blockchain technology company TK Tech Africa Limited are rolling out an accredited certification program for NASD’s N-DSP Digital Securities platform.

“We will ensure that our professionals in the securities industry acquire the regulatory knowledge and hands-on technological experience they need to drive a secure and compliant digital asset marketplace in Nigeria.” says Eguarekhide Longe, Managing Director and CEO at NASD. “Blockstation was instrumental in our efforts to develop the new digital market rules, they are the natural fit to deliver these essential training materials.”

“We believe deeply that education is mission critical for professionals planning to participate in the digital asset space,” says Jai Waterman, CEO at Blockstation. “Blockchain transformation in the traditional market is approaching with speed and great fervor. We must place emphasis on education in order to empower existing key stakeholders and support the growth of SMEs.”

Future certification events, as well as fully online training provided by Blockstation, will target all stakeholders including NASD staff, depository corporations, broker-dealers, and issuers. Certification is required for licensed financial institutions before engaging with blockchain-based digital assets.

“The goal of this initiative is to provide the Nigeria capital market players with the requisite knowledge and skills to explore the infinite possibilities that exist in digital assets through blockchain technology,” says Mr. Damola Akindolire, Managing Director of TK Tech Africa. “SEC’s participation in the training sends a strong signal that Nigeria is ready, willing and able to take its economy into the future.”

Adds Bola Ajomale, principal at Sophus NG and former Managing Director of NASD, “This training session represents the fruition of our efforts with Blockstation and TK Tech dating back to 2021. Issuers and investors alike can expect to benefit from increased access and lowered barriers in capital formation, providing more economic opportunity and growth for Nigerians everywhere.”

With SEC feedback, the certification program is undergoing final refinements and will be deployed to all market participants in early 2023. For more information on the Digital Asset Accredited Certification Program, please contact NASD and Blockstation directly.

About Blockstation

Blockstation is a complete ecosystem solution for the blockchain-enabled tokenization, listing, trading, clearing and settlement of digital assets within regulated marketplaces. It serves all stakeholders in multiple business verticals including stock exchanges, carbon credits and mortgage-backed securities, offering turn-key, end-to-end, fully compliant functionality for financial institutions, issuers, and investors.

Michael Spiar
Communications & Education Manager
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About NASD OTC Securities Exchange

NASD OTC Securities Exchange (NASD) is a Self-Regulatory Organization licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to operate an Over the Counter (OTC) securities exchange in Nigeria for Unlisted Public Securities. NASD manages Primary markets for new capital raises and Secondary markets for existing shareholder liquidity through its community of participants. Our service offerings are designed to deepen the capital market, enhance investor confidence level and ease the capital raise process for businesses.

NASD OTC Exchange is a member of the Association of Securities Exchanges of Africa (ASEA), Lagos Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and the Association of Securities Exchanges of Nigeria (ASEN).

Chinwe Ekeh
Head, Operations & IT

About TK Tech Africa Limited

TK Tech Africa Limited is a technology company that is focused on using blockchain technology to digitize assets, create alternative asset classes and transform financial markets transactions in Africa.

Seyi Ikungbonmire
IT & Communications Manager

About Sophus Consulting Limited

Sophus Consulting Limited is a wholesale capital markets consulting service focused on deepening African capital markets.

Their hands-on experience in supporting securities markets and their partnerships with complimentary subject matter experts enables them to focus on delivering excellent advice and guidance in such areas as capital market infrastructure and regulation, securities exchange process management, private equity liquidity management, issuer compliance, and digital assets listing and issuance.

Bola Ajomale


For more information about Blockstation, contact the company here:

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